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Letters to the Editor for Monday, March 30

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Ban reusable bags during health crisis

New York state has put the ban on plastic grocery bags on hold for now, until May. Instead, they should ban all reusable bags from home being carried into retail and grocery stores. This ban should be immediately declared and enforced. Indeed, the governor of New Hampshire has issued such an order.
All kinds of dirty bags from all kinds of homes brought into stores and set on counters to mingle with food items and other bags that will be brought back to other homes is an obvious health hazard. It especially should not be allowed in this time of the corona epidemic.
The health implications of banning plastic bags and mandating reusables should have been considered before passing the new legislation.
The use of bags from home will still be unsanitary when the corona threat disappears and will have to be addressed.
During this emergency time, stores should be providing free paper bags as part of their contribution to preventing the spread of corona, maybe charging for paper bags in the future.
What should not be allowed now or in the future is bringing unsanitary bags from everybody’s home to mingle and spread viruses and germs to bags that will be going back to other people’s homes.
Along with social distancing, hand washing and sequestering at home, it just makes sense. Gov. Cuomo, please issue the order.
Joseph Nial
Clifton Park

Gun stores are essential to safety

I’m appalled that gun stores are considered non-essential by Gov. Andrew Cuomo
It shows what little regard he has for the Second Amendment.
The right to purchase and defend yourself with a firearm is an essential, constitutional right.
Difficult times in an epidemic lockdown might lead to desperate looting and other criminal activity.
Owning and knowing how to use a firearm is the best way to protect yourself and family.
If you’re elderly or live in the inner city, you are especially at risk and a firearm is the great equalizer in a home invasion.
Even the Democratic governor of Illinois didn’t shut down gun stores amid the coronavirus lockdown.
Do the right thing, Gov. Cuomo: Reopen gun stores and allow the public to exercise their Second Amendment right to bear arms and protect themselves.
Mark Brockbank
Clifton Park

Cuomo, Pelosi play politics with crisis

Just like Nancy Pelosi, dandy Andy (Cuomo) deserves an Oscar for his theatrics over the coronavirus. At a time like this, you would think he wouldn’t use his position and pandemic as a political tool.
He should be telling New Yorkers to stay put and not travel to Florida or the Carolinas. Instead, he cries that Trump isn’t doing enough for him and New York. Maybe he should look at himself as one of the reasons people are leaving the state.
It’s about time we give the president credit for the things he has done, and not blame him for the things he didn’t do.
This election will be the second and last time in my life I will vote, unless Donald can run again.
Joe Statile
Rotterdam and Conway, S.C.

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