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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, April 1

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Put new fire station  in lot near old one

The only logical location for a new Scotia fire station is the public parking lot almost next door to the existing station.  
1. It would still be pretty much in the center of town to minimize distance to any fire.  
2. Since the parking lot is already paved, replacing it would not increase the amount of hardscaping, whereas taking over park land would.
3. There is plenty of room there for fire engines, a larger courtroom, offices, parking and maybe a bridge to the old building to more easily make use of it.
Taking over a chunk of the library/park is absurd.
Andrea Loft

Teachers still work hard during crisis

As a member of the Niskayuna school board, I get a lot of emails.
Lately I have been getting messages lamenting that our teachers are lounging around while still getting paid, as if they were on some sort of vacation.
Well, let me publicly respond to those people, and to anyone else who may be having a similar thought, that they are incorrect.
Our teachers are working, and they are working hard. They are inventing a whole new way to educate our children with limited resources and the inability to even speak to each other in person.
Our faculty, staff, and administration are doing this while they are also stuck in their homes, with their own children demanding the same attention that yours do. And they have the same fears about pandemic infection, running out of food and what’s going to happen to their own children’s future as you do.
So before you hit “send” on one of those emails, maybe first think about what your kids’ teachers do every day. Even when things are normal, these skilled professionals have a very challenging job. Now consider that they are still doing that for you in even tougher conditions, all on their own. Then perhaps you will hit “delete” instead. You might even send them an email thanking them for their continued dedication to our children in these difficult times.
Howard Schlossberg

Remember to keep a safe distance

I noticed in the March 28 paper an article about Glen Cliff teachers spreading joy through neighborhoods. A sweet picture of four children, two identified as sisters, was printed. They probably share germs and viruses since they live in the same house.
But what about the other children standing very close to them in the picture? They are doing exactly what we are advised not to do. Keep our distance. Joy and Covid19. A great combination.
Roberta Steiner

Cuomo is showing true leadership

I am now sitting at the computer listening to our governor give his daily briefing concerning the pandemic. I have done this a few times in the past two weeks. I must say he gives necessary information in a clear and concise manner and does not take a lot of time to deliver his message. Politics aside, this man is showing citizens of this state true leadership. Refreshing.
John Foster

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