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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, April 2

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Maybe resignation was board’s fault

This is my first time submitting a letter to the editor, and I was prompted by the scathing article written by Sara Foss regarding Larry Spring’s resignation as superintendent of the Schenectady city schools on March 27.
To say I was appalled is an understatement. How does she know that it’s his fault and not the fault of the school board?
Under the terms of the separation agreement, there are to be “no statements to any person or entity, whether oral or written, that disparages Mr. Spring; and that Mr. Spring is similarly barred from disparaging the district or its employees.”
What I do know is that Mr. Spring has done an incredible job as superintendent over these past eight years, especially following the footsteps of the former superintendent Eric Ely, who made such a mess of everything.
He fought for the rights of our students and the district with the state. He was out there and approachable.
For him to leave so abruptly leads me to believe that the fault is with the school district board not him.
The only board member I know is Andy Chestnut, and he’s relatively new.
Perhaps it’s time to clean house, as Mr. Spring had hoped, and have all new members at the time of his departure.
Karolee Moore


Overreacting to virus is dangerous

What is wrong with getting the coronavirus and developing immunity?  Why the scare? Why so little individual freedom to decide how best to protect ourselves and others?
If this virus were killing people left and right, I would applaud these efforts to shut so much down. But more than 80% of people experience it mildly. This statistic might be even higher if all those infected with the virus knew they had it.
We should protect the vulnerable sections of the population, the elderly and those with underlying health problems. But can’t that be done more directly without harming others’ mental health?
When society overreacts (even playgrounds are off limits), it blinds itself to the dangerous economic, psychological and physical consequences of its overreaction.
How will fear, reduced wages, shortages, inactivity, isolation from friends, loss of routine, and the anxious oppression of mandates promote health?  
U.S. overreaction to the Cold War killed millions. The U.S. reaction to 3,000 killed on 9/11 has caused the killing of over 300,000 Middle Eastern civilians and over 250,000 Middle Eastern opposition forces in post-9/11 U.S. war zones. It is not only overreaction; it is reaction in the wrong way.
How ironic that a generally mild virus causes such fear of death when the U.S. War on Terror has killed and displaced millions, when the relentless destruction of Earth’s habitats devastates all species.
We must remedy our underreaction to the harms we so cavalierly inflict, including the suffering of Iranians facing coronavirus yet hamstrung by U.S. sanctions.
Kristin Y. Christman
Clifton Park

Shameless Trump making crisis worse

The horrific coronavirus crisis has exposed an even more perilous pathogen in America, namely Trump’s shameless, insidious sociopathy.
Trump’s daily press performances — filled with lies, false hopes, and medical nonsense —  have revealed his complete lack of empathy for infected Americans.
His inexplicable refusal to mobilize America’s resources to combat this crisis has caused widespread suffering and death. Perhaps most infuriating is his infantile “happy talk” celebrating Easter in a packed church with the Easter Bunny, touting “miracle drugs” which are completely untested and rating his handling of this crisis a “10,” which is beyond laughable.
Trump’s unbridled, shameless narcissism shields him from even acknowledging the imminent danger of under-equipped and understaffed hospitals.
Our state governors are working 24/7 to secure ventilators and critical medical equipment for hospitals. Doctors and nurses are coming out of retirement, risking their lives, to save dying patients, and countless Americans are donating their time, money and skills to help out. In stark contrast, Trump is blithering nonsense at his daily performances, bad-mouthing governors for not being “appreciative” and contradicting the medical experts with his ignorant happy talk.
This emperor has no clothes, and his warts are grotesque.
Vince Dacquisto


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