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SUNY Poly professors work on new coronavirus test

Potential new diagnostic test could provide health care workers with additional patient information like immune response and other disease status
Scott Tenenbaum, left, Nate Cady, right
Scott Tenenbaum, left, Nate Cady, right

Researchers at the SUNY Polytechnic Institute are developing a new COVID-19 test that can also provide health care workers with other information important to treating patients.

SUNY Poly Professor Nate Cady and Associate Professor Scott Tenenbaum were awarded funding from SUNY central to create the new test, which will be more complex in its ability to offer the extra patient information, according to a media release Monday announcing the new test research.

The tests, which the researchers are developing in partnership with Connecticut-based company Ciencia, Inc. as well as a doctor at the state department of health’s Wadsworth lab, would also provide doctors with information about patients’ immune response and disease status in addition to whether or not they have contracted the respiratory virus.

The test under development would also be able to detect antibodies and whether a patient was clear of the COVID-19 infection. In a statement, Tenenbaum described the research as “working toward a more informative diagnostic which can potentially drive impactful, life-saving responses for our most vulnerable patients.”


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