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Letters to the Editor for Friday, April 17

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Remember Trump’s inaction on Nov. 3

According to U.K.’s Karl Popper “True ignorance is not the absence of knowledge, but the refusal to acquire it.”
This describes the actions of President Trump. His failure to take early steps to combat the coronavirus, despite warnings of a pandemic from the scientific community, contributed greatly to today’s health crisis.
We would now be virus free if he had enacted universal testing and a nationwide lockdown a month ago. Only those testing positive, including the 50% who were asymptomatic, would have continued their quarantine.
After an initial testing phase halt, the economy would have slowly rebounded as the virus-free work force increased.
Instead, mandated lockdowns have been left up to the states. The stock market has yet to bottom out. Unemployment is surging. Despite massive government assistance programs, businesses are failing.
As the number of coronavirus cases continues to climb, tests are still widely unavailable. Hospitals are short of ventilators and personal protection equipment. Healthcare providers, policemen and firemen are falling ill. For elderly citizens who have an underlying health issue such as I, contracting the coronavirus would most likely be a death sentence. Trump’s early inaction must and will be remembered in the next presidential election.
Charles Rielly

Governor, will you now help St. Clare’s

To Gov. Cuomo, you have been doing an amazing job during this unprecedented national crisis. While President Nero fiddled, you were at the forefront providing us with accurate, essential information. I have not always agreed with you, but I not only agree with you on this issue, but I am very proud to have you as my governor.
Now that you have said you will be sending downstate COVID-19 patients to upstate hospitals, I wonder if the name St. Clare’s rings a bell?
You know, the one where the retirees lost their pensions due to mismanagement of the funds?
These are also retirees who are also dedicated professionals who will probably “suit-up” to help out. Will you do the same for them?
Frances Staunton

NIMBYs need to cooperate on solar

I am writing regarding an article published in The Gazette about solar projects. Whatever happened to “It’s my land, I will do what I want with it?” Do the Olicks pay for the farmer’s taxes? People like them cannot afford to own all the land, but want to have control over it.
Bleeding heart liberals all come into these small towns from “wherever’’ and want to make changes and rules for yourselves. NIMBYs — I am personally sick and tired of you people telling me what I can and cannot do with my land. You want power in its cleanest form, but don’t want it in your backyard. Wake up and smell the roses, NIMBYs,  because if Gov. Cuomo has his way, you will not have any say and better plan to move to another state. If he chooses the place for whatever clean energy project, you can bet that the NIMBY will lose the fight to oppose it.
So NIMBYs better start trying to work with the developers of these projects and the landowners. Otherwise, the state will start taking over where these projects are sited, and it will not be a happy place for anyone.
In every situation there is always a solution to the problem. It may not be the one that everyone wants, but nonetheless there is a solution to every problem.
Merry Smith

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