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Letters to the Editor for Monday, April 20

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Trump puts name on ‘Trumpandemic’

In his merry campaign to make our pain his gain, Donald Trump has held up distribution of our relief checks so that they come bearing his signature.
Fine. But while we’re at it, we should be putting his name on this whole epochal disaster that his grotesquely incompetent management has brought upon us.
That he wasted precious time in recognizing and responding to the emerging threat of coronavirus is entirely due to his overweening self-interest and his penchant for surrounding himself with toadies who well know what kind of news their boss does not want to hear.
My fellow Americans: I give you the Trumpandemic.
Terry O’Neill

Use outbreak as a chance to improve

We sure live in a great country, the United States. We have all kinds of freedoms, that is good. In fact, we can say almost anything we want to about anyone we want to. I am not sure this is good, as some of what is said does not show respect for people in high offices in our country.
With all that is said we seem to be going downhill slowly but surely. Just look around at where we are in most areas; it’s not that good. Most younger people don’t know this, as they were not around when things were a lot better and younger people had respect for their families and older folks.
This lack of respect is not their fault, as they just don’t know any better. When you ask someone how do we get things better in our country, they say there is nothing you can do about it, which maybe is so. And maybe, yes you can, someone I am sure can do something about it.
Now let’s look at this new virus, it’s the first time we are faced with something like this. I think we are getting a message from above; let’s change our ways and turn this world around to a peaceful, respectful world and slow things down for all to see it. We can make it better for all. I hope we get the message, as it’s loud and clear.
Sid Gordon
Saratoga Springs

Trump words speak for themselves

Dr. Anthony Fauci speaks truth. The president?
January: “We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China.” “We think we have it very well under control.”
February: “We pretty much shut it down coming from China.” “We have a very small number of people in the country, right now, with it. It’s like around 12.” “The coronavirus is very much under control.” “People that have it are getting better. They’re all getting better.” “The 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero.”
March: “They’re going to have vaccines very soon.” “Anybody that needs a test gets a test.” “It came out of China, […] We closed it down. We stopped it.” “We have a perfectly coordinated and fine-tuned plan.” “We’re prepared, […] Just stay calm. It will go away.” “No, I don’t take responsibility at all.” “I’d rate it a 10. I think we’ve done a great job.” “I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic.” “We’re the ones that gave the great response.”
April: It is not under control nor gone away. Over 542,000 infected, 21,500 dead.
Sources: Donald Trump and
Jim Fogarty

Sign petition for a global ceasefire

The UN secretary general called for a global ceasefire to help deal with our present situation: WORLDBEYONDWAR.ORG). (Wait for the main page slide show to get to his call for a cease fire. There is also a video on YouTube showing his speech.)
You can add your name to the petition, which has over 1 million signatures so far. Seventy member states support this cease fire call. I haven’t read or heard anything about this great idea in mainstream media.
Using some of our vast resources for health rather than killing seems like an idea whose time has come. Hey “leaders,”, let’s try it. The time is now. I’m pretty sure Jesus would approve.
Peter Looker

We must actively restore democracy

I think the phrase “unprecedented times” has been given new meaning in the past several weeks. The pandemic is in full speed, and people are suffering and dying, and businesses are taking a hit.
But even in the midst of everything, many of our leaders still prioritize profits and holding on to power, over our lives and well-being.
America is overdue for progressive change and many are beginning to see that. And after time and time of trying, it’s clear that change won’t come from our electoral system alone.
Truly bringing about change will take a mass mobilization of people across the nation. Many of the most important shifts of progress in U.S. history, such as women’s suffrage or the end of Jim Crow didn’t come from the voting booth. They came from ordinary people taking to the streets, speaking out and refusing to back down until the government was forced to listen.
Progress has pretty much never been the victory of one leader, but the victory of the efforts of the people. And this is what we must do now.
Once it’s safe for us to do so, it’s time for all of us (not just experienced activists, everybody) to get out in the streets and (non-violently) fight like hell for healthcare reform, livable wages, sustaining the planet and just in general transforming our country into a true democracy that represents we the people and nor corporate interests. Our lives and the lives of future generations depend on it.
Matt Oill

Republicans have brought U.S. down

It’s apparent that Elise Stefanik (with blessings from President Trump) roils in the sewage of lies and subterfuge.
Beware of a person who received campaign money from Pharma and votes on your health care.
Beware of a silvery tongued harpy that caters to the selfish interests of the wealthy and politically connected.
Beware of someone with presidential aspirations endorsing on national TV that breaking the law is OK.
Beware of climate change deniers, war mongers, racists, isolationist, fascist and haters of equal justice.
These are practiced attributes and tenets of nationalism that keep Republicans in power. There is nothing in their world ideology that protects those who are not them.
The inadequacy of our nation’s hospitals and health care system is from decades of poor federal support. This pandemic occurred on a Republican watch.
They criminally failed to heed the warnings for it and react with a priority to life first. That lost time cost extra American lives. Tell this vet, who is the real enemy?
Now all you hear is; ”We’re all in this together” and “Let’s not blame anyone.”
However when this is all over they’ll be right back to saying, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”
Robert Jewell

Enjoyed Barber’s photos of birds

Peter Barber’s beautiful photos of regional birds made me smile. What a comfort during these trying times. Thank you so much. The page from the April 15 Gazette is now posted on my refrigerator to enjoy every day.
Pat Rourke

Special education kids need to return

We need to consider when talking about opening the schools are those that have IEPs (Individual Education Plans); these kids that receive special education are the hardest hit by the school closures.
These children thrive on structure, and when that structure is turned upside-down, these kids tend to regress. You see after even a short absence like Christmas break it takes a few days for these kids to get back on track.
Not reopening the schools this year would be devastating to these kids. I would hope Gov. Cuomo would take that into consideration, but I doubt he will, since he has yet to take into consideration anything that was not self-serving.
William Marincic

Trump’s ego tops citizens’ welfare

King Trump is at it again. This time he is delaying stimulus checks until his name is printed on the memo line of each check. Apparently, his ego is more important than money arriving in recipient pockets.
Roger Hordines
Clifton Park

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