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Letters to the Editor for Monday, April 27

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Schenectady should keep interim leader

Mr. Barlyn hits the nail on the head in his April 22 letter (“District has chance to make fresh start”) when he describes Sara Foss’s April 12 column on our local city school board.
The newly appointed ‘interim’ district superintendent is amazingly competent and knowledgeable and fit to be our new district superintendent.
Why spend much needed dollars on a national search handled by outsiders? Are the parents, students, teachers, property owners who know best what’s needed during these trying fiscal times in our community?
Again, our school board goes way out on a limb and overreaches. Former school board President Lewis allowed for former Superintendent Spring, who was pay-raise obsessed, to run amok without proper checks and balances.
New York state has listed our local school district as the most poverty-stricken in the state. I say keep the interim superintendent on indefinitely.
Stop looking for others to fill the void, and concentrate on getting 12th graders to read at their grade level, not the reported 6th grade level. Stop any and all violence that pops up in the schools immediately.
The three ‘R’s’ should add a fourth ‘R’ – respect. Finally, let’s concentrate on the perennial abysmal 57% graduation rate.
And let’s vote all new board members in. The present board members haven’t a clue how difficult our school property taxes have become for those of us who pick up the tab. Transparency is key.
Gerald Plante

Do protesters really want to save lives?

On Earth Day, the Trumpeter’s Liberation Army protested staying home to save lives by staying in their cars and releasing fossil fuels in an attempt to gridlock Albany.
This on a day when there were 5,525 Covid-19 deaths in the United States, 1,347 more than the day before. The deaths in New York were still around 500. The Gazette had a front page photo of a protestor holding a sign that read, “Dictator Cuomo, give our lives back.” Oh, the irony.
Melinda Perrin

Begin transition to hydrogen fuel cells

As the climate change believers among us attempt to save us from the effects of climate change by increasing auto emission levels and numerous green legislations, I suggest a feasible step that could have a significant impact over the next 10 years.
Begin the transition of using hydrogen fuel cells to replace combustion engines in our cars.
These electric-powered cars produce electricity for electric cars directly from fuel cells turning hydrogen into electricity to power the cars.
Hydrogen fuel cells are cheaper to use and produce no pollution other than water. Using different types and sizes of the cells, they can power automobiles, trucks or busses with little or no effect on the environment.
Imagine New York City without smog or the noise from truck engines, plus a reduction of carbon emissions. In 10 years, we could replace millions of cars running on gasoline. Trains now are running silently in several counties. Our major oil companies need to invest in producing hydrogen and adding fuel refilling stations to service the cars that will be coming. Automakers, including Tesla, could easily begin the transition now to maintain their leadership in the industry.
And, what will the oil companies do to stay afloat? They can produce hydrogen and sell more macadam at a lower price to rebuild the deteriorated roads across the country.
Let us all promote hydrogen fuel cells by encouraging our government to provide support for this innovative solution to many of the problems facing us today.
Gary Adelson

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