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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, April 28

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Regional approach is best for economy

It’s time that the North Country got back to business, and the most sensible action right now is to open New York up by region.
Our small businesses are hurting now more than ever, and we need to allow for this reasonable, region-by-region approach in order to kickstart our economy.
As a strong supporter of the small business community, Elise Stefanik has focused on ensuring that small business owners have what they need to be successful in the North Country, especially in the midst of this pandemic.
Whether it’s been fighting for the Paycheck Protection Program and its replenishment or ensuring that seasonal businesses are treated fairly in loan consideration, Elise has been there for North Country small businesses.
While New York must work together to combat this virus, there’s no reason for us to hold a region or county back from reopening.
In fact, our local and county health officials are more than equipped to ensure our health and safety.
I hope for the sake of all North Country small businesses that New York listens to Elise and gives us the ability to be autonomous and reopen our economy.
Fred and Maryellen Pheiffer

Cuomo is doing a good job, with help

In Joel Nelson’s April 23 letter (“Not enough prayers to skew covid stats”), finally an expert steps forward and enlightens the Christians mathematically as to what percentage of “certain religious types” prays for the solutions to COVID-19 and also believes God had a hand in part or all of the infected and death rates going down.
I believe Gov. Cuomo is doing an excellent job, by the way, even though I don’t particularly like him and I’m in the percent praying.
The experts don’t agree on COVID-19, so you don’t know who is telling the truth and who isn’t.
Maybe Joel Nelson, you can do the math on that one.
Good luck, but I would love to see what you come up with. Stay well everyone.
Linda Cortese

Protesters put self above greater good

The daily images of beflagged Trumpkins protesting COVID suppression rules fill me with disgust.
Their unwillingness to make the slightest personal sacrifice for the greater good during a time of crisis disqualifies them from the ranks of patriotic Americans and decent humans that value civil society.
Among the usual god, guns and anti-government paraphernalia, I have not seen one raised sign of thanks or praise for those who put their own health at risk for the benefit of others during this pandemic.
It should come as no surprise that people who label themselves as Deplorables would show up at anti-government rallies during a public health crisis with their self-centered callousness and willful ignorance on full display.
George Milner

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