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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, April 29

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We’re free to hate one another again

Has America been made great again? We have had a right restored to us. Political correction has left, and we are free to openly hate any one we please.
We can hate immigrants, Asians, blacks, liberals, conservatives, men, women, any group we feel is different and untrustworthy. Hate and fear is rampant today and displayed openly. Is this the freedom we truly want?
Calvin Moore

City and Muni are reopening of course

Schenectady Municipal Golf Course opened on April 25. It was open briefly earlier in the month and I was lucky enough to play a round.
In hindsight, it was the safest I have felt in public in two months. Food stores, pet stores, convenience stores are all working hard to keep us safe. I think they are doing a good job under difficult circumstances. They have common touch points galore.
At Muni, you can’t take a riding cart. That common touch point is eliminated. You pay on the porch, through the window, which acts as a shield. I noticed that same barrier approach being implemented at food stores at a later date. Muni removed every touch point on the course; ball washers, water stations, flags and even the holes themselves.
There is an upside-down platter that is hole-size on the green. It has a dowel and a little flag. Hit the platter, congrats, move on.
No reaching into the same hole that the previous foursome just took their four balls out of.
Again, it was the safest I have felt in public in two months.
There is lots of room on a golf course. That is a big advantage. However, these guys had a well- thought-out plan that they articulated clearly and implemented flawlessly. Thanks to the muni staff and the city of Schenectady for demonstrating how to make things work.
Glenn Gray

Where can car-less people get food?

It’s wonderful there are many sites for food giveaways. However, some people don’t have cars and can’t take advantage of this generosity. I know of people in Lincoln Heights and Schonowee Village who don’t have cars. There are probably other home areas in Schenectady who are car-less. Are these people receiving food giveaways also?
Dianne H. Johnson

Make visits safe, but more accessible

My daughter has MS and we need to protect her from COVID-19. Her son goes to a window to see her at her home. They make a time when they can do this together. Could nursing homes have a special room with a window where a resident could make a time with a family member to see each other? As the weather gets nicer, maybe put a bench outside so it would be comfortable for the visitor.
Peg Lapo

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