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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, April 30

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Nisky can’t afford a giant tax increase

It was with dismay and incredulity that I read about the Niskayuna school board’s consideration of a nearly 7% tax increase on the already beleaguered and overburdened homeowners of Niskayuna.
I’ve lived here for over 30 years, and I don’t think that this district has ever had an expenditure that they didn’t love.
The last time I checked, Niskayuna had one of the highest rates of spending per student in the nation, but apparently, it’s still not enough.
While they may have what they perceive as a bottomless cookie jar, they forget that not everyone in Niskayuna lives in a McMansion with the income to match.
If you bothered to take a walk around town, you’ll see (along with a plethora of For Sale signs) many modest homes maintained by people who are living within their means and budget.
My street alone has everything from singles, solo parents, young families, empty nesters and retirees on fixed incomes.
With this major downturn in the economy, now is not the time to foist a tax hike that is more than triple the state tax cap.
However, if certain board members are more than happy to pay more taxes, they are welcome to pay the increase in my and my neighbor’s bill. We have to live within our means, the school district should too.
Jill Hogan

Take care of turtles or risk losing them

No crocs, no gators in the pond. At this time of year, turtles are awakening after their winter hibernation. Understandably, they are a bit groggy. Females will search for nesting sites, which means they will be on the move, on the roads even. (Males never leave the water.)
Turtles have existed for approximately 65 million years. Please be careful driving. Let them get through their egg-laying season. Otherwise we will be the generation that wiped them out and our kids will only be able to see them in museums. Yes, Joanie Mitchell.
Monica Finch

Liberal Dems are exploiting the crisis

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is the consummate liberal Democrat, weaselly, blameless and hypocritical to the core.
This state was facing at least a $6 billion budget shortfall before the virus shut us down.
It appears to be his mission to leverage the pandemic to rectify his tax-and-spend budget mess.
Much like his counterpart in New York City, he is trying, with the usual mainstream media help, to hold New Yorkers hostage until Trump forks over billions.
Responsible states will once again be paying for liberal largesse. California Gov. Gavin Newsom gladly gives (illegally) our relief money to undocumented immigrants and no doubt will expect billions as well.
For liberal Democratic rulers, it’s all about exploiting a crisis to their advantage at the expense of honest hardworking responsible American “citizens.”
Dave Dankanich

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