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Letters to the Editor for Friday, May 1

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Trump, Congress bungle relief aid

Yet another slap-shot blunder by our inept, careless president and his reckless administration.
Add to that a frightened and bundling Congress and this is the result: pouring trillions of dollars into the economy without enough control over the distribution of the funds.
Among other things for example, how can it be that no funds are allocated to state and local governments?
The explanation may be cynical and quite simple. State and local governments don’t go into voting booths. People do, and to Trump, hopefully will go the spoils.
Though others may ride his coattails, the rational and stupidity are typical Trump. The lack of wisdom and good judgement (also typical Trump), however, are unfathomable and the consequence – whether acknowledged or not Mr. President – rest with you.
The corona virus has put us in terrifying and unfamiliar territory. Unfortunately for us, our current dysfunctional federal government could not have come at a worst time.
In any case and as the little old lady that I now am, I think, as individuals, we can do much better. If you don’t need the funds, then give some to those that need it more than you do.
Livia Carroll

Some homes offer a place to converse

Peg Lapo’s April 29 letter (“Make visits safe, but more accessible”), encourages nursing homes to have a special room with a window where residents and family members could make time to safely see each other.
This is an excellent idea which is being practiced in some adult care facilities.
My 97-year-old mother lives at Judson Meadows Assisted Living in Glenville. They provide the opportunity for residents to sit in a first floor room with a window and speak by phone with a family member seated outside.
They also facilitate online visits through Skype and Zoom. My sister and I look forward to our weekly Zoom visit with our mother, and she is always happy to see us. It’s a wonderful way to stay in touch.
Holly Hawkes
Burnt Hills

Country is on the edge of the abyss

We as a country cannot continue to bail out multi-million -dollar and even billion-dollar companies while our small businesses fail.
Vermont colleges may shut down because of their financial hardship, but we send millions to burger chains and hedge fund companies because they somehow qualify for money that they do not need.
Does the top of the food chain 1% think that they can go on forever, raking in money and not doing anything to shore up the foundation that this country relies on, the little guy?
It is maddening to see these ridiculous giveaways while my daughter with four children is going insane waiting for a check that has not arrived yet and no one knows when it will.
People with millions, have the money they didn’t need while the rest of us stand in line for food and basic supplies.
In my opinion, this country is on the edge of the abyss or it has already fallen and just hasn’t hit the bottom with catastrophic results. It’s coming, it’s scary, but change always is.
Ken Kimball

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