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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, May 3

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Not time for town to spend unnecessarily

Newsflash – the town of Rotterdam is giving out stimulus money. Yes, it seems hard to believe but at the April 8 town board meeting they did just that. Resolution 111.20 gave Greenman Pederson, Inc. $50,000 to develop a 10 year road maintenance plan for the town roads.
I asked the question why the board was undercutting the highway superintendent’s main responsibility. You can hear their answers on the audio portion of the meeting on the town website.
I suggested to the board that they should table the resolution until September 2020, at which time they would have a better feel for revenues.
It is absolutely astonishing that every municipality around us is expecting revenue shortfalls. This board goes out and spends $50,000 for something the highway superintendent, by law, is responsible for.
I might add that Mr. Guidarelli did not vote for it.
You would think that the town board would put a freeze on all unnecessary spending. We have to.
Robert Godlewski

For perspective, read Diary of Anne Frank

I would like to make a suggestion. If there were ever a time for a book to be read, now is the time for “The Diary of Anne Frank.”
Each and every child, young adult and parent could learn something about sacrifice, doing without and rising above the occasion.
We have been in lockdown for only 1-1/2 months. Just imagine being in a confined space for two years, going days without seeing the sun, running and playing, having enough food and knowing that one wrong move would bring the SS to your door and off to the death camps you would be sent.
We have an invisible threat every day, but they could see and hear theirs during World War II. Yes, we have it hard, but this book not only shows what poor Anne went through, but what the people willing to shelter her family went through.
Reading this will make you realize you really do not have it so bad after all and may encourage you to look at every day just a bit differently and see how much you really do have to be grateful for.
Denise Crisci

Pence shows he’s not fit to be covid czar

When an anti-science individual is placed in charge of a pandemic response that must be science driven, we can expect chaotic outcomes. Vice President Mike Pence’s failure to wear a facemask during his visit to the Mayo Clinic shows why our national response to COVID-19 is so disorganized.
It’s a powerful image to see the VP standing with medical personnel and a recovering patient, all wearing masks, and the VP barefaced.
Pence’s views on science, including discounting dangers of smoking, suggesting prayer as the cure for HIV, calling climate change a hoax, saying evolution is false and promoting conversion therapy, all imply he is the worst possible choice as “Coronavirus Czar.”
A consistent science driven response that reduces spread of COVID-19 is required.
GE once frequently trained employees to improve their skills. One program went so far as to psychologically test team members to determine who could contribute the most. Management jokingly identified members as two types: Doorknobs and Sponges.
Sponges soaked up everything around them; Doorknobs let everything rub off them. Knowledge drove success for the team, and sponges were open to new knowledge. Our VP’s bare-faced visit to the Mayo Clinic is more than sufficient to label him a Doorknob.
Don Cooper

Not going to thank Trump in my prayers

I’m sorry Mr. Heiser, regarding your April 26 letter (“Pray to your God and thank him for Trump”) but this is one bleeding heart liberal who will respectfully decline your offer to get down on his knees and thank the Lord for sending us Trump.
I’ll leave that kind of praying to the members of the cult of Trump.
Despite his claim to be “the chosen one,” Trump’s actions and words have proven that he has no affiliation with any deity. From what I’ve seen, he was more likely sent to us by Lucifer and that his presidency is a test for us, akin to the 40 days that Jesus spent in the desert being tempted by the devil. Jesus did not succumb. Will we?
I could easily fill this page three times over with examples of Trump’s unChristian acts.
For now, I’ll get on my knees and thank God for sending us all the real heroes that The Daily Gazette spotlighted in their special section “Rising to the Challenge.” Beautiful.
Come election time, I’ll ask myself one question before I cast my vote. What would Jesus do? I doubt if it would be to vote for Donald Trump.
Robert Karandy
Burnt Hills

If not doing returns, stop charging deposit

I noticed recently that none of the grocery stores are allowing anyone to return bottles, even though they don’t mind charging us the nickel deposit still. I can well understand during this concern for germs to not accept them. But then don’t charge me, and I will include them in my normal weekly recycling that my trash company picks up. In fact, we could do away with the entire program if everyone recycles. However, I do wonder why the trash company is able to accept our recycling and the grocery stores cannot. Don’t tell me it is due to social distancing because it is not. The grocery stores can easily restrict one or two people per area, depending on the size of the recycling center. I would even be willing to donate my bottles I currently have if they would stop charging me now.
Wendy Kingsland

Biden accusation also deserving of scrutiny

So, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, before being passed for the Supreme Court, was accused of inappropriate behavior and had 8 million articles and people come out against him. Ex Vice President Joe Biden has an accuser with more proof than was against Kavanaugh and we hear virtually nothing. Oh, I get it, Biden is Democratic.
Bob Nicolella

Cuomo doing well fighting for NY

Dear Cuomo basherss: Wake up. We are registered Democrats who sometimes disagree with the governor’s policies.

However, his response to the pandemic is positive and appropriate. Every year, New York sends billions more dollars to the federal government than it receives in assistance. This has been true for years as the late Sen. Daniel Moynihan liked to point out.

During this pandemic, our governor is simply trying to redress this imbalance of cash flow to assist New York. How do Republicans respond? Sen. McConnell of Kentucky, whose state receives far more federal aid than it contributes, has the gall to suggest that states in New York’s position should declare bankruptcy.

The president, who made millions in this state but remains afraid to tell the public how much, calls our governor a whiner for requesting more aid.

And don’t expect Sean Hannity to support our governor’s efforts, even though he, too, is a New York resident. To end on a positive note, many residents of other states, including arch-conservative Texas, admire how our governor is keeping New Yorkers informed.

Ted and Norrine Thompson


Not all are happy with local schools

Your recent article about the Niskayuna school district’s need to raise taxes by 7% shows how out of touch some of our education leaders are.

Educators are riding a self-made wave of goodwill since schools have been canceled and educators had to scramble to bring learning online.

They did a pretty good job, but you will find that after this crisis that students will have learned as much as if they did nothing at all.

But let’s talk about the money. Schools must be saving lots of money during this crisis: fuel for buses, electric and heating of the faculties. And are auxiliary positions such as food services being paid for doing no work?

Residents of school districts are struggling financially during this crisis and struggling to educate their kids at home while their teachers are announcing on Facebook the status of their “quarantine” home improvement projects.

So, when school districts announce that they will need to raise taxes, let it be known that not all of us are riding this goodwill wave.

Dan Miller

Ballston Lake

Has Cuomo really done a great job?

I was wondering how Gov. Cuomo received an 87% approval rating in a recent poll regarding his handling of the COVID-19 crisis. I wanted to do my own analysis of facts relating to the crisis.

First, I think it’s important to know what the federal and state government responsibilities are regarding health and safety issues. The states bear the primary responsibility involving all matters of health, safety and well-being of its residents.

States are independent entities in our federalist system, not just a subordinate jurisdiction of the federal government. The 10th Amendment supports these statements.

This means that Cuomo is in charge of the COVID-19 crisis in New York state, not President Trump.

And part of that responsibility includes having an adequate supply of ventilators and other supplies, which he did not, despite recommendations from his own health department.

Second, he did not issue a stay at home order until March 20, even after rising virus dangers and deaths. In order to make up for these lapses, he had to rely on Trump for these supplies and also expects the feds to pay for it. But the worst lapse is when the state Health Department issued the order for nursing homes to accept patients testing positive for COVID-19. Instead of quarantining them, his policy encouraged the spread and death to the most vulnerable population. This begs the question of Cuomo’s outstanding leadership.

Karlyne Drimalas


Stop spread, keep sick downstate

I agree with Paula Schaeffer’s April 7 letter (“Keep coronavirus patients downstate.”)

Keep the real sick downstate, don’t send them up here where our people will get sick. Our nurses and hospital staff will bring the germs home to their family, which we will create more of an epidemic.

I wouldn’t want your job. But this time, you weren’t thinking about your surroundings, just downstate.

Use your head and think about what harm you’re doing to other parts of New York. There must be some place downstate where you can set up tents. Where would our people go if we get sick?

Carole Ryan


Maskless Pence not a role model

On the door at Marty’s True Value Hardware store on Van Vranken Avenue in Schenectady is a sign: “No Mask, No Entry.”

It makes such sense and is such a good reminder about how we need to look after ourselves and the staff who serve us. Presumably, for everyone who enters the Mayo Clinic, the request is the same.

What was our vice president thinking when he chose to ignore the safety and health of the medical people, he said he’d come to honor?

Here we are, so many of us, family, friends and clergy, not permitted even to enter hospitals and nursing homes to visit our loved ones when they are sick, and the second most powerful person in our country goes to one of the premier medical institutions in the United States and flouts their requirements for visitors. Not only does it disrespect the workers he’d come, he claimed, to thank, but what sort of example is it to children and others about following rules and respecting the customs of your hosts? I wish that the Mayo Clinic had had the same sign as Marty’s and had refused entry to that unmasked man.

Karen Cohen


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