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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, May 6

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Mohonasen pulls together in a crisis

This is for the Mohonasen district people, teachers and students who put on the parade on April 3.
What an awesome sight to behold when I looked out my parlor window that day. I saw a fire truck, a school bus and so many cars decorated with flags, banners, stuffed animals and open windows with waving hands. It was truly a sight to see.
Anyone who experienced this showing has to be ever so grateful to those who took the time to show the many students at Mohonasen that they matter.
Thank you to all who participated. I guess this is what makes us all pull together in any crisis. Again, many, many thanks.
Helen Tatarek

Trump quick action saved many lives

This virus was unleashed on the world by China. Many people died. If one person died, it’s too many and China has to be held accountable. They kept it under wraps and lied about it. We were warned, but Congress failed to prepare for it or take any action to prevent it because it’s an election year.
Instead of trying to prevent it, they thought of how it would make President Trump look bad.
President Trump jumped right on it to save lives and did a very good job to contain it. President Trump should be praised for his work because it could have been worse.
Whatever the states needed they received. New York and California were at the top of the list and these two governors and their residents should be thankful for his actions.
If it were up to me, this virus would cancel our debt to China for what they cost us for our shutdown. The stimulus will help to reboot our economy and help people pay some bills or buy some necessities.
President Trump took care of small businesses and people. If you or your family received a check be grateful for a job well done.
Claude Rizzicone, Jr.

Upstate NY must stand up to Cuomo

In all my 77 years, I have never advocated civil disobedience for any reason.
However, with Gov. Cuomo telling us to remain in lockdown for another month, I am now imploring New York residents to rethink their lemming-like existence.
Upstate New York is not New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, etc. Do our local leaders have the courage and guts to push back against Cuomo’s ill-considered “orders?”
If we don’t ease up, our economy will never recover. People are hurting.
Businesses are dying. We can open safely, but that would be asking our state leadership to do some imaginative thinking, something they seem incapable of doing.
Upstaters in particular must stand up to our governor. Do we have the courage and fortitude to do so? The answer to that will determine our future.
James E. Callahan
Ballston Spa

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