Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, May 13

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Don’t let lies stop you from voting

If so many contrasting statements and policies are floating around at this COVID-19 crisis time, just wait and see what happens as we get closer to the election.
Hopefully, people will remember the performance of our president or lack of performance when voting. The people who have died, over 70,000 of them, were someone’s family and friends.
I have listened for the sound of sympathy out of Trump’s mouth. But rather, I’ve heard dismissive comments to reporters asking questions, or suggestions for treatment that countered the sage advice of the health professionals.
I am saddened that our country and the world have to go through this. Yet we take money away from the World Health Organization that keeps an eye on new outbreaks of diseases.
If they were too eager to accept China’s explanations of the disease, perhaps, if we had been a more active participant in the organization, we would have had more oversight.
And this is the time to spend millions to paint the wall on our southern border black?
Listening to what is said now. I know the rhetoric and lies will be horrific as we near election time. Prepare to vote, anyway.
Janice Walz

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