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Letters to the Editor for Monday, May 18

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Trump is leading in the wrong direction

The future is becoming more frightening every day.
Trump suggests there might be some way to get disinfectants and ultraviolet light into our bodies to destroy the coronavirus, since they work so well in disinfecting surfaces/
Meanwhile, Dr. Birx sits silently by until asked by Trump if this is something medical researchers should look into, and then fails to point out that this idea is beyond absurd and, in fact, could result in death.
Instead, she continues thanking “Mr. President” and praising his brilliance on CBN.
A couple of weeks ago, Trump announced that he was going to disband the corona task force, which includes the well-known luminaries Jared Kushner and Mike (who needs a mask in a hospital) Pence. What is easily missed is when he announced he had changed his mind the next day, it wasn’t because the task force was effective or necessary, but because it was popular, Thank you “Mr. President.”
Anthony J. Santo

Rogerson, Zhao for Nisky school board

I write as a proud Niskayuna resident whose three children grew up with a solid education in our public schools. As our school board has two vacancies, I want to encourage our community to reelect Jennifer Zhao and elect Sarah Rogerson to the board.
During Ms. Zhao’s first term, she pushed for issues of equity to be addressed as well as advocated for better mental health access for students.
Her work in facility planning and her financial understanding are admirable. She deserves a second term to move her agenda forward.
Professor Sarah Rogerson has impressed me through her intelligence, insight, ability to break down complex issues and create thoughtful plans to address significant problems. She works tirelessly for those whose voices cannot always be heard in our community.
She works passionately on anti-hate issues and fights discriminatory practices; she is a crisis lawyer with a heart and soul. With ten years of experience teaching in higher education,
Prof. Rogerson knows how to dissect problems, explain them, create ways of addressing them and possess the skill to implement them. Please join me in electing both Jennifer Zhao and Sarah Rogerson to the Niskayuna School Board.
Matt Cutler

Get the real facts on Gen. Flynn case

The news reports regarding the Department of Justice’s dismissal of the criminal case against Gen. Michael T. Flynn are confusing and disturbing.
The coverage of this case is wildly different, depending on which media outlet is reporting the story. To read the original Flynn motion to dismiss document, one can go to the website and get the information from a primary source rather than a reporter’s interpretation.
Why should one take the time to see this document in its original unedited form?
Because this case is disturbing enough to warrant the extra effort to find out what really happened. If this can be done to a military veteran with 33 years of honorable service to this country, just imagine what they can do to you.
Janet L. Evans
Burnt Hills

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