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Letters to the Editor for Friday, May 22

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Coronavirus stats? Follow the money

Think the COVID-19 virus figures aren’t skewed? Follow the money trail. For every elderly virus patient admitted, the medical facility receives $13,000 from Medicare. For every patient put on a ventilator, they are given $39,000 from the government. Check the COVID-19 box and get the big bucks. Also, I’m wondering how many received the annual flu shot.
Bob Briggs
Saratoga Springs

Trump is too much of a baby to listen

In response to Anthony J. Santo’s May 18 letter (“Trump is leading in the wrong direction”) who was concerned that Dr. Debra Birx is being too nice to Trump.
 I watched the briefing in which he gazed at her like a kid and suggested ingesting disinfectants as a way to cure the virus.
He looks at her with affection as he would his mother as he waits to see what she does when he rebels against her advice. The problem is he really is a baby and doesn’t listen to any adults, including his mother figure.
Mary Kuykendall
Ballston Lake

Restore fiscal sanity to Nisky schools

 In our 28 years of living in Niskayuna the one thing that has been constant are the ever-increasing school taxes.
This rise has been facilitated by school board members that vote year after year with no fiscal conscience concerning the public’s trust.
Two of our three children were in another school system up to fifth grade, so I can tell you with experience that demographics and familial support count more towards Niskayuna’s standing than the physical plant and school arrangements.
Recent articles have featured school board candidates. One of those made the valid point that Niskayuna’s rankings have slipped in recent years, so the board and administration need to be held accountable.
Throwing money at buildings is not the answer. With this in mind, the candidates need to clearly state their position on the capital project.
I encourage every district voter to make sure that they have received their absentee ballots and that they vote to attempt to bring some fiscal accountability to the board.
Joel Bisaillon Sr.

Shen needs leaders like Darryl Giannetti

They say the personal is the political, and there are few elections more personal than those that shape the future of our children.
Especially in these tumultuous times, school board elections have become more important than ever in our local political system. We need strong leaders to advocate for our children and families on the Shenendehowa school board. We need leaders like Darryl Giannetti.
As a graduate of Shen, I benefited from a high-quality education that gave me a great foundation for college and led me to a career in higher education.
I want to see Shen continue to inspire future generations and have committed leaders shaping its future. That is why I encourage you to vote for Darryl on June 9.
Especially in these unprecedented times, Darryl is willing to do the hard work needed in the coming years. I know that with each decision that will cross the school board’s desk, Darryl will have the community’s students’ and families’ best interest at heart.
In the coming year, as our schools begin to adjust to new realities, we need to remember the importance of these local elections and the need for leaders like Darryl.
Matthew Sokol
Clifton Park

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