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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, May 26

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Trump has freed us all to be our worst

Thank God for our impeached president. Many think he is a pig.
But thanks to him and his supporters, there is no longer a standard of decency in this nation.
We are free at last. Free to lie, cheat, disregard the rule of law and run those who disagree with us into the ground for sport, and prosper doing so. Perhaps he really is a Republican; who knows?
Nikolas Kaiser

Trump understands how China operates

During the Nixon administration, we and other countries began trading with China, with the hopes, that they would become a democratic country.
Due to our trading, China became an economic superpower.
To our disappointment, China remains a communist country and President Xi, shows his hegemonic behavior, by wanting to replace the United States as a world leader.
It is very odd, this coronavirus, which started in China, has spread over the entire world, but minimum cases are found in Beijing. This hints that their knowledge of the virus spreading from person to person, was earlier than February, and neglected to share this finding with the world. A sad case of hiding the truth, to prevent blaming them, for its origin.
I don’t believe in mixing politics with this terrible pandemic virus, but Trump understands China better than anyone who will run for office. On that basis, my vote is for Trump.
Vince Alescio
Clifton Park

Nursing home order was a big mistake

In his first breath, Gov. Cuomo said stay away from grandma’s home as you might make her sick. But in his next breath, he was ordering covid-infected people to grandma’s nursing home.
A nursing home is a place for those who can’t care for themselves or have no one to assist in activities of daily living. It is not designed for the sick. I have worked at a nursing home as an RN, but it was not staffed or equipped to deal with a serious illness. If a resident got sick, that person would be sent to a hospital, not another nursing home.
The governor’s order was a very grave mistake.
Kenneth Glindmyer
Rotterdam Jct

Stefanik is just a toady for Trump

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik’s latest mailing boasts about her appearance on Fox News, where she has again played politics but claiming a “failed policy” by Gov. Cuomo.
This is a made up complaint and issue. She has become a Trump talking head who “boldly goes where no politician has gone before.” Why, you may ask, because she will need Trump and his insane support in her reelection bid in November.
What does this say about our young congresswoman? I am guessing fear of losing her seat in Congress. When you have great political ambition like Ms. Stefanik, losing her seat in the House could be fatal. Let’s hope the next time we see Rep. Stefanik, she’s a Fox News expert instead of our congressional representative. Her behavior is shameful.
Jim Novotny

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