Outdoor Journal: No second turkey tag, but got a woodchuck

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Every day since the opening of the spring turkey hunting season when I shot my tom, I have been returning to this same woodlot trying to fill my second tag. I have called in a number of jakes, but no long beards.

A week ago, I decided to return to those woods, but this time, I was leaving my shotgun in my truck and taking my Stoeger S1400-E air gun. Almost every day I that I have been sitting in my nature-built blind, I have seen a big woodchuck. He has been coming out of his hole shortly after sunup. But on this day, there was no calling, just waiting for him to stick his head out.

It was only a few minutes when he was fully out of the hole and facing away from me. I put the cross-hairs on him, and the .22 caliber pellet left the barrel at 1,200 feet per seconds and he went right down. I was very pleased with the Stoeger.

I quickly ran back to my truck, put the air gun on the floor and grabbed my shotgun. Now then I began my turkey calling. No turkey that day, but I hope when you are reading this, I would have filled my second turkey tag.


With black bass fishing opening next week, the local bass club members are eagerly catching and releasing (practicing).

If you haven’t fished a Bass tournament, you are missing some very good fun and you will learn a lot. Here are a few of the local clubs that have room for you. You don’t have to own a boat. You can go as a no-boater, which is what I began last year when I rejoined the Capital District Bassmasters.

In these tournaments, they have boater winners and there is a back-seater winner. We have a lot of fun. My club right now has only two back of the boat-boaters and seven boaters. Each week, the back-boater’s fish with a different boater. You can contact [email protected]

I am looking forward to my first tournament on Schroon Lake on June 21. Here are a few of the other local clubs that you may want to contact.

  • The Tri-County Elite Bass ([email protected]) has six tournaments. Its average payout last year was over $788.
  • The Albany Bass will have nine club tournaments. Trust me these events are a lot of fun.


A funny thing happened to me in the Saratoga Tackle Shop in Schuylerville. I walked out with a compound bow. Why? Because I wanted to shoot carp with a bow again.

Several years ago, I was unable to pull back the cocked arrow for the carp hunting and deer seasons. When I visited the shop, Tim had a used compound bow that was traded in for regular fishing equipment that could be adjusted to a 30- to 70-pound pull. And he was going check it out and adjust/replace anything it needed.

When I returned, he had added a compound bow fishing reel. We then adjusted the pull that I can handle. And I guarantee you that I will leave his store and head for Saratoga Lake and do a little carp shooting. Now if I can pull 40 pounds or more come deer season, I will definitely be in the deer wood come Oct. 1.

When Tim called and told me my bow was ready, I couldn’t wait to see what this old man could pull. Drawing back at 50, I was a bit shaky, but at 45, it was OK.

Look out carp. Now when the deer season for bowhunting opens on Oct. 1, I will be in a tree stand. Hope I can still climb.

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