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Trump is a master of manipulation

Some say Trump lies on a daily basis. It is much more likely that Trump was not taking hydroxychloroquine.
First, his statement serves as a distraction from the real issues of the day. Secondly, he never admits he is wrong, so his record of being “perfect” is intact. Thirdly, Trump is not stupid, and taking this drug would be stupid. This drug has been known to cause serious health issues, including death. Fourth, he obviously does not care about his blind followers taking this dangerous drug. Fifth, people would need a prescription to get this drug and that would be virtually impossible from a competent doctor.
He is a master manipulator. He has spent a lifetime perfecting his craft.
The book by Scott Adams describes his many methods of persuasion as genius and praises his mind-controlling tactics. Scott says a person like Trump only comes along once in a generation.
John Dworak

Where are they all getting my name?

People are helping other people, good. I have been giving money to NGOs who send me letters from mailing lists they have obtained where? I don’t know.
The U.S. government is sending $1,200 to each of various individuals from what list? Even to me and to others I know of, even to some that have died long ago.
I have been wondering if I should be included.
Also, I received a letter from the White House that Trump signed, telling me about the $1,200 check deposited to my checking account. Is it mine?
Ellie Peters

Did school officials fail to report abuse

I would like to add to the May 22 editorial (“No more secrecy in Schenectady”) on the superintendent’s apparent sexual abuse of female teachers. In each of the past two years, I participated in New York State mandatory sexual abuse training, and it is my understanding that if school principals, school administrators, union officers, or school board members knew about sexual abuse and did not report it to the proper authorities, they failed to follow New York state requirements, and may have committed a crime.
I encourage The Daily Gazette to interview Schenectady teachers to determine if knowledge of the superintendent’s behavior was well known, and if administrators performed their duty.
Paul Frament


Nisky board needs Zhao’s experience

I urge Niskayuna residents to support Jennifer Zhao’s candidacy for re-election to the Niskayuna School Board. Until you are a Board of Education member, you may not understand the nuances of its decision-making processes. Folks often offer their “armchair quarterback” analysis to a school districts’ administrative decisions. But they truly don’t understand the procedures and laws until they are trained and gain experience at the table making tough decisions.
Having worked with Jennifer for two years on the board, I know how much she has learned over this last three-year period. It is important to cast your ballot for her to ensure continuity to the board’s functions. Jennifer is intuitively an inquisitive person, always learning and seeking improvement and efficiency. \
Now, with experience, Jennifer will continue to ask challenging questions that lead to critical thinking especially in this time of uncertainty. With two open seats, the town would be fortunate if she can serve another three years using what she has learned to move the district forward. Ideally, there will only be one novice member. There are many challenges ahead for the new board, and we need experienced leaders at the helm.
Nicki Foley

Trump’s followers share in his legacy

In reply to Mr. Claude Rizzicone, Jr., conservative extraordinaire’s May 6 letter (“Trump quick action saved many lives.”): Let’s sum up your feelings: China caused the pandemic and hid it. We knew but Congress ignored it. We should shirk our debt to China. We should praise Trump as a savior.
Claude, it seems you wandered away from the Jim Jones congregation to join Mr. Trump’s.
First, POTUS knew about covid in December but threw the dice, so blaming China is moot. Second, Congress is filled with Republican toadies.
Lastly, Democrats always attempt to keep their legal promises. It’s undereducated, bigoted, truth spinners that have soured what is good in Republican philosophy.
Claude, if you received a covid check, you accepted money from the American taxpayer. You and I and they will have to repay this with interest, but not Trump.
This retired, disabled civil servant and veteran thanks God every day for life and that all people good and evil depart and leave a legacy.
All you would leave behind, sir, is a country at civil war ruled by a demi-god worshiped by jackals.
I would leave humankind surviving the environment and your kind.
Robert Jewell

Zhao brings her knowledge to board

The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed an astounding number of human lives. It has also disrupted the economies of communities throughout the United States, making local school budget approval processes unusually fraught this year.
Niskayuna School Board members have also had to make difficult budgetary decisions. When Superintendent Cosimo Tangorra proposed a spending plan that would have cut the equivalent of 35 positions in the Niskayuna school district, school board member Jennifer Zhao suggested a middle ground that would limit teacher layoffs while still eliminating vacant positions.
In a time of such great challenges, a steady leadership at the school board is especially critical, the experience and knowledge that Zhao brings to the school board is much needed. As a Niskayuna school parent, and as someone with the experience of shepherding the school budget process in the past years, she has the necessary experience that Niskayuna schools need in such challenging times.
Aliya Saeed

Some questions for Dems about conduct

Hey Schiff “Where’s the beef?” that collusion evidence he promised for over two years.
King Cuomo tells everybody to stay in your home. Wear masks if you have to go out. Apparently, Baby Bro doesn’t agree with the king because after contracting the virus he is out riding a bike and arguing with a man that questioned him. He also said he never left his basement. That was a lie. Then when he struggled to get upstairs, the camera was filming him for CNN.
Now the king wants the Fed to bail him out while he hands the undocumented immigrants everything. Will he also give up his raise while he freezes others’?
Also, why did he send sick people back to nursing homes to infect others?
The king also had a real tough interview with his bro about dating and was he good looking.
Where were the reporters, pundits and anchors getting their haircuts and makeup done, since barber shops and hairdressers shut down?
Lightfoot in Chicago got her hair cut when others couldn’t because she was on TV and cared about her appearance. Probably other people care about their appearance.
Bonnie Decker

Giannetti has all tools for Shen school board

As a parent of young adults that benefited from their educational experiences in the Shenendehowa school system, I remain interested in the continued pursuit of educational excellence for our children (and grandchildren). Moreover, as someone who previously managed public sector budgets, including state aid to the 700 public school districts in our state, it is clear to me that school districts will face some real financial challenges in upcoming years.
Darryl Giannetti is the spouse of a career high school teacher and the parent of three Shenendehowa graduates who went on to receive degrees at prominent national universities. Giannetti has practical business experience, skills and knowledge that can assist our Board of Education in the challenges that lie ahead. He cares about children and will work to maintain and improve the educational opportunities for all the students of Shenendehowa. Please support Darryl Giannetti for Shenendehowa Board of Education.
Robert Brondi
Ballston Lake
The writer is a retired chief budget examiner in the state Division of the Budget.

Get ready for a progressive disaster

Query #1: Why is it that the politicians (federal, local, senators, mayors) along with the major networks executives, newscasters, et. al., all seem to have a common belief and goal that we must not open too soon.
While they are fully employed, their workload has decreased, and they are still fully getting paid during this crisis. It’s called ‘no skin in the game.’
Query #2: These same characters are mostly progressive socialists, and are using the democratic process, created by our forefathers for a republic, to destroy it.  One way of getting their agenda is by promoting universal incomes for all (well, for us Plebeians anyway). That’s just a start. Agendas such as AOC’s ‘Green New Deal’ that she now claims will cost nothing is estimated by her colleagues as in the trillions.
At least the Madura gang in Venezuela is being open and honest about it. They use communist tactics (military force and economic sanctions) to control the people and economy. In an incredibly short time, they went from a free republic with the best economy, mostly due to the largest oil reserves in South America, to economic ruin and fiscal disaster. Get ready, my fellow Americans, for the disastrous inflation rate that became so horrible in Germany between 1919 and 1923 that it would have required a wheelbarrow (and later an entire truckload) of small-denomination bills to buy a loaf of bread.
Dr. Arthur Salvatore, Jr.

Nisky budget is too taxing for residents

I urge readers to consider the negative consequences that will result from passage of the proposed school budget. Passage of this budget will:
1. Widen district wide inequality. Higher tax rates drive lower income wage earners away from the area, and with it, cultural diversity. Indeed, New York has the highest net outflow of any state, reducing economic opportunities for the lowest wage earners and young people.
2. Negatively impact those most vulnerable. While the proposed tax increase is a mere $105 annually (medium household), even this is a tremendous hardship for many and especially those most impacted by the financial difficulties imposed by COVID-19.
3. Significantly delay regional economic recovery from COVID-19.
Every dollar is critical to saving local jobs and businesses. These businesses have a multiplier effect, providing critical entry-level job training and entrepreneurial experience. Yet with additional tax increases, that’s less disposable income available to save these jobs.
Niskayuna has the region’s highest per capita tax income. Instead of raising tax rates, solicit donations to fill critical gaps. Create endowments to encourage excellence. Retain excellence in our schools while protecting residents and businesses. Vote no on the upcoming school budget.
Jerry Brotzge, PhD

Data is good, but it needs interpretation

Collecting data on the pandemic is of the utmost importance. But, the interpretation of that data is of more value. Without sufficient data, good decisions cannot be properly made. Trends can be determined with proper amounts of data. Misreading of data can be problematic for everyone.
It seems that based on the (interpreter), the data can mean many different things. For example, if the interpreter is a politician, it may mean one thing one day and another thing the next. Where if it is medical personnel or the average citizen, yet another interpretation.
All too often I have noticed that the data is used to confirm the user’s expectations. This is a problem when the future health and welfare of our citizenry is involved.
All data must be reviewed by mathematical personnel and statisticians, then offered to the users of the data in an understandable format.
The numbers don’t lie, but there may be more than one reason for increases or decreases. Take beds filled at hospitals. If there is a decrease, why is that so? Was it due to death, recovery or relocation of a patient? The same goes for the increase in beds filled at hospitals. Was there an increase in testing, or panic caused by positive results or something else?
All I’m trying to emphasize here is that data is good but understanding its meaning is way more important.  By the way, good luck with that.
Guy Hildreth

Our rights come with responsibilities

Whistleblowers treated like criminals? People refusing to wear protective face masks in public or to socially distance because it is their right to act as they please? Assault-rifle-armed men at a peaceful state house protest to protect their individual rights? These are signs of a seriously sick society. Without ever intending to do so, we have gone way overboard in this country in placing an extremely high value on our individual rights and almost totally ignoring the question of our individual responsibilities. It is a path to disaster.
Too many Americans do what they can to evade the responsibility of jury duty. We once had a military draft because it was the responsibility of every man to help protect the country, but we got rid of it. Voting? Get serious; most Americans rarely vote in elections.
We need to change the message taught in the United States of America to make clear that rights come with attached responsibilities and that failure to fulfill our individual responsibilities will ultimately lead to the loss of our individual freedoms.
David C. Furman, Jr.

Churches should be able to open sooner

It saddens me that “religious gatherings” will be allowed to reopen in the last phase of the governor’s plan to reopen the state. This phase, known as Phase 4, is listed as “Attractions” and includes cinemas and theaters.
Construction, agriculture, forestry, retail, manufacturing, professional services, finance, real estate, restaurants and hotels among others will open before churches.
For people of faith, religious services are not attractions but a very special time to sit quietly in our Lord’s presence to pray and listen to the Word of God as food for us to live more abundantly with peace, love and thanksgiving for the blessings He has given to us. Fourth place is not where God belongs.
Catherine Haggerty

Refer to president with his ‘proper’ title

I recently saw that when being questioned by a reporter who referred to the president as “Trump,” his press secretary quickly correcting her and pointed that, “That is President Trump to you.” Some would say that regardless of who is in the office, the president should be referred to appropriately and respectfully, whether you approve of him or her or not. “President” is one of those titles that stays with a person throughout their lives (like “General” or “Ambassador.”) But I notice that no one on the current president’s staff seems to refer to former President Obama with his honorific title, and just calls him “Obama.” However, I do agree that we should refer to the president accurately and with the appropriate title. Therefore, I suggest that all of us (supportive of the president or not) should refer to him with the legally accurate and appropriate title.
When referring to him we should refer to him as “Impeached President Trump,” and when addressing him directly, we should refer to him as “Mr. Impeached President.” Hopefully, this will reduce all of the misunderstanding about his title.
Rudy Nydegger
Ballston Spa

Templeton will not disappoint in Shen

As a retired educator of the Shenendehowa Central School District and resident of Halfmoon, I’m endorsing Thomas Templeton for the school board. I have proudly watched many former students use all they were afforded by our district to achieve wonderful places in our society.
Tom is a licensed psychotherapist and behavioral health policy consultant. He has worked with people from all walks of life to help mediate the impact of mental health and trauma around our state and in our area. After the impact of the pandemic on our school district’s children and teachers, Tom would adequately fill the shoes that we are in need of right now.
His priorities are clear. He will:
1. Ensure that the planning efforts to reopen the physical campus following the Covid-19 lockdown prioritize mental and emotional safety, as well as physical safety. 2. Work to improve the scores of ELA and Math Assessment among economically disadvantaged students, and students with disabilities. 3. Advocate for full-day kindergarten.
Tom and his wife, Erin, chose to reside in the community they grew up in and to raise their children here. Please consider supporting this very hardworking and talented young man; he will not disappoint us.
Dora P. Myers
Clifton Park

Brennan’s experience vital to Nisky board

Please consider supporting Tim Brennan for Niskayuna School Board. From my perspective as a parent and volunteer in the district, I know Tim will make an excellent addition to the Niskayuna School Board.
As we look to make major changes to our district’s infrastructure, Tim’s experience in construction law could not be more welcome. Tim has devoted countless hours volunteering in our community and has been an amazing role model for all of the children he has coached.
As a member of the board, Tim will make decisions based on what is best for our students while remaining fiscally responsible and ensuring our teachers are getting the support they deserve.
Tim’s devotion to his family and friends demonstrates his unwavering loyalty and support. My biggest test of someone and their character is whether I would trust them with my children’s well-being.
I completely trust Tim and know that he will be a great advocate for all of the children of Niskayuna, including my own. Tim Brennan has my full support.
Nicole Swinton

Nothing to praise about GE protesters

On April 26, Robert Wells, a former professor of history at Union College, trying to make something positive of a very dark period in our American history, penned an article. I remember that day almost exactly 50 years ago and the disgust I felt toward our so called “higher learning institutions.”
Proudly, I am a retired military veteran. On that day, around mid-morning, the protesters passed the GE main gate heading toward CRD bldg. 37. I said, “Why are we letting them in here, they don’t know enough about anything to be protesting against the war.” We went there and died because our country needed us.
Lucky friends of mine (the lucky ones came home alive and in one piece) were greeted by these protesters. The college students would spit at or throw bags of excrement at those brave veterans or worse.
I think the negativity of the time should not be forgotten or memorialized. The protesters should never be looked at in a positive way. Many of them were nothing more than cowards. Do you remember the reports that some of the protesters were paid to be there by subversive organizations?
If you were for the Vietnam war or not, our returning patriots (true heroes) did not deserve that kind of treatment from other so-called Americans. Those protesters and their supporters should be ashamed of themselves. I know I’m ashamed of some in my own generation who were with them. Some grudges die very, very hard.
Bill Mullins

Giannetti will bring fiscal responsibility

Having known Darryl Giannetti for over 25 years, I heartily recommend him for the position of Shenendehowa School Board member. His analytical and critical thinking within a context of common sense fiscal responsibility make him an extremely qualified candidate and passionate school board member.
Darryl and his wife have raised three wonderful sons, all Shen graduates. It has been my pleasure, and my family’s pleasure, to watch their maturation and growth following their parents’ lead. Academically, athletically, socially and philanthropically, the Giannetti boys emulate their father in all areas. Good citizens, respectful and open-minded, proud of their Shen heritage and active in its growth moving forward is a true testament to their father’s guidance.
Darryl Giannetti will bring a level of professionalism, common sense and critical thinking to the Shenendehowa School Board, which I appreciate as a fellow resident of the district. His appreciation of the Shen district for his sons’ education and commitment for the school district moving forward in these new and unsettled times make him eminently qualified for school board membership. A truly qualified candidate and a nicer guy you will never meet. He has our family’s vote and I would suggest your vote as well.
Mark A. Petrecki
Clifton Park
The writer is New York State Police (retired).

Cuomo put elderly residents at risk

Gov. Cuomo gives us daily updates on the corona pandemic. He says the elderly especially are at risk with deadly results and we should stay home. He’s the smartest guy in the room, a man of our time. If this virus is so deadly, then why did he force nursing homes by executive order on March 25 to accept former corona-positive patients? He says he was only following CDC guidelines. However, he knows as governor of New York he had the discretion of whether or not to follow those guidelines. He had to know that the coronavirus in a nursing home with a population most at risk was a death sentence for all who caught it. If it was a matter of bed space the Army Corps of Engineers could fill any needs he had. When Gov. Cuomo was asked about all the deaths, he stated “they were old,” “people die,” “you can’t help everyone.” Over 5,500 dead in New York nursing homes and I’m sure the cause of death on their death certificate will not list old age for the cause of death. Gov. Cuomo, the smartest guy in the room, man of our time? Absolutely.
Cory Costanzo

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