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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, June 4

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Tip our restaurant workers generously

The support from our community for local restaurants has been inspiring.
However, one area that is overlooked when ordering takeout is tipping. Many restaurants are seeing 0-10% on online ordering, far below the customary 20%.
While many restaurants have been able to keep on their staff in the kitchen at their hourly wage, these essential employees have seen a drop in their income without tipping.
Tips are usually split among wait staff, hostesses, and kitchen staff; restaurant owners base their hourly wage on this.
Revenue is down at almost all restaurants as they can no longer offer items with high profit margins, such as fountain drinks and glasses of wine.
In addition, they can have the added cost of technology upgrades for online ordering systems and have to offer competitive family meal deals as customers switch from single meals ordered in to feeding a whole family at home.
Even those restaurants who have kept their pricing consistent now have to give 30-40% of their meal revenue to meal delivery systems like DoorDash.
So the next time you order a meal out, I ask that you tip as you would when dining in, perhaps a bit more. If you are uncomfortable tipping online, bring cash when you pick up your order.
Though our circumstances of where we are eating our meal have changed, the costs of providing that meal to us hasn’t.
Emily Lang

Rogerson will be pragmatic on board

I am excited to support Sarah Rogerson for Niskayuna Board of Education. I’ve known Sarah through her tireless work in the community, specifically her efforts to assist vulnerable populations in the Capital District. I have seen Sarah advocate for justice in her work with the Schenectady Clergy Against Hate. I’ve listened to her discuss current issues on WAMC’s The Roundtable. In the 10 years that she and her family have lived here, she has also worked together with community partners to turn education and advocacy into action.
Sarah is not only a law professor and educator, but she’s also a leader. She has served on a number of committees and focus groups serving our school district, including the Sub-Committee on Equity and Inclusion. In a time when our public education system is on the COVID-19 budget chopping block, we need a representative on the board who will see issues from an educator’s view, but with a pragmatic approach to problem-solving that balances taxpayer concerns and educational necessities. Please join me in voting for Sarah Rogerson. Ballots are due June 9.
Donald Whisenhunt

Hitlall supports equality in Sch’dy

Junior Hitlall has made an effective impact servicing the Schenectady school board. There are so many Guyanese living in Schenectady and the Guyanese students are adopting easily into the district. Junior Hitlall is a phone call away to address their concerns and represent their needs academically, making the education system adoptable and encouraged. He is very passionate about diversity and collaboration with families to help the Schenectady school district grow “where equal opportunities are the priority.” Junior is family-oriented and respectful of the community.
Punema Singh

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