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Cuomo gives green light to drive-in, drive-thru graduations

Many school distircts already planning for those types of graduations
Gov. Andrew Cuomo Thursday
Gov. Andrew Cuomo Thursday

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School districts across the Capital Region have been planning both drive-thru and drive-in graduation ceremonies and now Gov. Andrew Cuomo has given those districts the green light on those plans.

Cuomo at his daily press briefing Thursday said he will allow high school graduations to be held at drive-in theaters or in the form of a drive-thru on school campus or other locations, with students and families driving up to pick up their diploma and receive recognition for their accomplishments.

Districts have booked drive-in theaters to hold ceremonies, where students and their families can join together to watch 


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Education watchers said they expected guidance on how the graduations could move forward after Cuomo’s announcement.

But Cuomo appeared to rule out the possibility of allowing schools to hold in-person events as many students and parents have asked for, envisioning students spaced out on a football field or other large outdoor area. 

He responded incredulously when a reporter asked about students desiring in-person ceremonies. 

“It’s about balancing the desires and wants with the consequences,” Cuomo said, also noting that his daughter missed out on her college graduation ceremony this year. “Everyone wants to to to high school graduation, I get it, but not if they are going to die.” 

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