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Letters to the Editor for Friday, June 5

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Without a casino deal, city benefits

I am responding to Mr. Mohamed Hafez’s June 1 letter (“Casino host deal would have helped.”) Mr. Hafez argues that instead of a new casino, two new hotels, marina, trails, apartments, condos, restaurants and more than 100,000 square feet of tech office space, we should have built a supermarket at the former Alco site because it would have generated more jobs, sales tax and property tax than the casino.
Remember that food is exempt from sales tax, so there goes the sales tax argument. Likewise, the argument that a supermarket would have created more property tax and more jobs is also incorrect.
With regard to Mr. Hafez’s comments about casino/community benefits, the other three casinos in New York state all received benefits and incentives in the form of tax concessions.
Schenectady did not enter into such an agreement. As a result, Schenectady is receiving more benefits from the casino, not less. And, it is a fact that Rivers in Schenectady pays the highest tax rate of any New York casino.
Ray Gillen
The writer is chair of the Schenectady County Metroplex Development Authority and commissioner of Economic Development and Planning in Schenectady County.

Rogerson a perfect fit in Niskayuna

I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Sarah Rogerson and strongly recommend her to serve on the Niskayuna Board of Education. I’ve seen her in action, and she is a tireless and compassionate leader. She is detail-oriented, a great communicator and a collaborative team-player.
Sarah is an award-winning professor at Albany Law School, a community leader, and a staunch advocate for vulnerable groups. In fact, last June Sarah won a prestigious award from the Capital District Women’s Bar Association for her “consistent leadership, perseverance, and selfless dedication to the greater good.”
A world-class educator, Sarah will bring her commitment to students to her work on the school board. She is pragmatic and accustomed to operating with limited resources.
She’ll also be an asset as our district strives to contain taxes while working to retain faculty, staff and programs in the wake of cuts to state funding.
Sarah, and her husband Mark, have lived in Niskayuna for nearly a decade and her two boys attend Craig School. As a mom, public interest attorney and educator, I believe that she is a perfect fit to serve on the Niskayuna School Board.
Please join me and vote for Sarah Rogerson.
Jon Lemelin

Brennan not afraid of tough choices

During the upcoming Niskayuna school board election on June 9 as we cast our votes, we need to consider the candidate, along with what and who they represent.
As a lawyer, Tim Brennan sees things from all angles to determine the best outcomes. He’s not afraid to take the tough issues head on, and he understands how decisions made today shape the future ahead.
As a coach, Tim tirelessly volunteers his time to develop the youth in our community to step out on the field and compete through hard work. He teaches them to win with pride, and at times learn from defeat.
As a dad, you just have to turn to Tim’s family. They are the nicest, hardworking, welcoming, and generous people I know.
They give everything they have in all that they do, whether it’s in school, sports or volunteering in the community.
When we think about our community and our schools in Niskayuna, we want a board that welcomes our children, encourages hard work, and supports them on their path to a bright future.
I know what my vote for Tim’s means to my family, can you imagine what your vote for Tim will mean to yours.
Scott Mogavero

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