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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, June 7

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Sch’dy leaders an example for nation

A well-deserved thank you to Mayor McCarthy, Chief Clifford, Sheriff Dagostino and all of Schenectady County law enforcement.

A tremendous job on May 31 day and night providing protesters the right to assemble and be heard while at the same time enforcing law and order to protect the property rights of lawful citizens and business owners. Not an easy job and they were an example the whole country should follow. Thanks, and your work is appreciated.

Gerard F. Parisi, Esq., CPA


Trump bears blame for handling of crises

Make America Great Again was a great hoax.

More than 105,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus. We have the highest unemployment rate since the Depression. American cities are in flames. The National Guard is deployed.

If I remember correctly, when Trump was inaugurated, the United States had an economy that hadn’t seen a recession in about seven years, very low unemployment and was respected in most of the world.

I’ll never blame Trump for causing the virus to enter the country, but I will blame him for his inept response (remember he called it a democratic hoax). I will blame him for the high employment rate, because a comprehensive plan by a competent leader would have prevented the collapse of the economy.

I’ll never blame Trump for creating racism, but I will blame him for supporting the structures and people that perpetuate racism (remember when he said “there are good people on both sides.”)

Other countries used to turn to the United States for leadership in times of crisis; now they shun us.

Now we have Trump’s woeful and biased response regarding the death of George Floyd. Remember he said, “I alone can fix this.” Still awaiting the greatness.

Maxine Brisport


BH-BL graduation plan affects families

When the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School recently announced plans for an in-person graduation ceremony, many parents and graduating seniors were thrilled. For my family and many others, that thrill was gone by the third paragraph of Mr. Brunson’s letter; each graduating senior gets four tickets. No exceptions. On the surface, it’s a result of social distancing. But really, it’s a result of choices by the school administration. Other options are possible that include families. Sadly, the administration lacks imagination and problem-solving to find a good solution. Another sad day for the class of 2020.

Joel Holt


Peaceful protests were no coincidence

Recently, in cities throughout upstate New York, like Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany, warranted anger turned into unfortunate violence or destruction.

That didn’t happen on any large scale in Schenectady. And I don’t believe it was a coincidence.

Youth leaders, activists, and Schenectady Police Chief Eric Clifford all seemed to have stepped up to the plate to have a peaceful and productive conversation with one another. They all deserve praise for this.

I witnessed the police chief come outside during a tense situation to meet with protesters and listen to their concerns, answer questions in an honest and diligent manner, and even take a knee and march in solidarity with the crowd. It also appeared he had pre-existing relationships with community leaders that helped calm any tensions that might have existed in the moment.

From everything I witnessed, he is real credit to the police department and the city of Schenectady.

What transpired (and what didn’t transpire) should make all Schenectadians proud – it was textbook leadership.

Even if it was symbolic, taking a knee with protesters was an important step, in a long walk, in the right direction. And I hope that direction continues.

Brendan Savage


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