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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, June 10

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Floyd killing was a modern lynching

I see the killing of George Floyd as a public lynching, something that occurred with some frequency during Reconstruction and even later. Rather than being limited to a small crowd of people watching, as was the custom then, this execution was taped, with people seeing the life breath being squeezed out of this human being on social media. The executioner continued to apply pressure for minutes after the victim stopped breathing, after his bladder had voided, as if to ensure that there was zero chance that any life existed in his body. He obviously felt as if his whiteness made that killing acceptable. “When did they stop lynching black people in America, Grandpa (or Grandma, or Dad, or Mom)?” “I’m sorry, child, it still happens.”
Del Pierce

Why the high water level in Collins Lake

I was wondering if anyone knows or is also concerned what is happening to the island that is in Collins Lake in Scotia. I have lived just down the road for 29 years and the water level has never been this high. I have to believe that the village is making sure the fields across the street are staying dry for the construction of the unwanted solar farm.
The high table of water is destroying the habitat for many animals that live there. And the water is now residing and standing behind the park and some homes along Washington Avenue.
We certainly don’t need more resources for mosquitoes.
Suzanne Greene

Will they learn? You don’t buck Trump

Yet another senior White House official is about to get the boot. One thing is clear, the president needs better henchmen.
Defense Secretary Mark Esper will almost certainly get fired for his comments on June 3. He dared to disagree with the use of the Insurrection Act and the use of active duty military for civilian crowd control. Disagreeing with the president is a mortal sin in this administration. Incompetence is overlooked, but fealty is required.
After so many firings and resignations, you would think that anyone coming into the White House would realize they need to leave their backbone at the door. It is uncomfortable watching official after official squirm at a podium as they try and save themselves from history.
In the big picture, changing a few words, or ever so slightly disagreeing with the president will not save them from the cruel reality that is history. When it’s all over, Mark Esper will always be part of an administration that threatened to send our own military into the streets of America and “dominate” peaceful protests. The good news, Sean Spicer will finally have a dancing partner.
Joe Karandy
Burnt Hills

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