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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, June 11

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City must address fireworks problem

I write as a fairly new Schenectady resident. I have the fortune of residing nestled between Central Park, “Schenectady’s Crown Jewel,” and State Street.
I am certainly lucky to have easy access to the park, with the rose garden, the summer music festivals and open green space; but there are some serious concerns in the neighborhood.
Now that the weather permits spending time out of doors and opening the windows for fresh air, one can expect to hear some hustle and bustle. Cars passing, children running by on their way to the park and the occasional family picnic are all welcome sounds in my opinion. If only those were the only sounds permeating my home. Instead, it sounds as if I live in a war zone.
Each night, regardless of night of the week or hour, residents set off massive fireworks.
Though unacceptable in such a crowded city, one may expect the occasional firework on holidays. In Schenectady, it must be a holiday every night of the week. Let’s be clear here: we aren’t discussing just small firecrackers or smoke bombs.
I see fireworks large enough to rise above all the houses in my neighborhood and hear them loud enough to shake my walls. I tire of my nightly game of “firework or gunshot” and I urge the city to address this issue.
Keith Roscoe

Police recruits not always best suited

The Minneapolis police incident that has gone viral globally like so many others will be investigated, reviewed and endlessly commented upon from every side. One side that has received little comment or interest bears far more attention. That is the recruitment of law enforcement officers. The problem lies in the fact that a significant number of the candidates who most seek such a career are the worst candidates suited for the profession.
They are individuals who have a strong need to intimidate, control and abuse others, the alpha male bully type. What better place to satisfy their sickness than law enforcement.
Of course, recruitment personnel are aware of these types. But such candidates are equally aware of how to disguise their needs so they can easily go through screening and schooling as the kindest, gentlest, most caring of individuals. But once they strap on their arsenal of weapons, insignias and badges, they are walking grenades. They are out there year after year satisfying their needs on an often helpless public. And for every horrid incident which by chance reaches public notice, there are dozens which do not. Sadly, police station house culture and law enforcement unions do little to rein in their sick members who in turn can infect others on the force.
James McLean

Why haven’t DMV offices reopened?

I would like to know why one can go to the barber or hair salon for hair care, go inside the bank for transactions, go into a food service establishment for takeout or have your meal outside, yet one cannot go to the motor vehicle office for a transaction that can only be done in person until Phase 3. In my case, I need to transfer ownership of a vehicle from my wife to me. Right now, I am paying insurance on three vehicles when I want to get it down to two until I can get to my DMV office. I could turn in a set of plates in the drop box, but I do not want to lose the use of the vehicle until such time as I can get to the DMV.
Craig Knickerbocker
Middle Grove

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