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Letters to the Editor for Monday, June 15

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Update residents on firehouse site

I live in the village of Scotia. I enjoy daily walks in beautiful Collins Park. I am happy to see the updating of the library. I appreciate the fact that the park is meticulously groomed. I have noticed that there is a police presence on a regular basis. It seems to me that the park is enjoyed very much by many people. People walking dogs, playing pickleball, cooling off at the splash pad and enjoying the park in numerous ways.
I am a lifelong resident of Scotia and I have never appreciated the park like I do now. It, therefore, saddens me that there is no better place for the new firehouse than Collins Park.
I know many alternative places have been investigated and, for one reason or another, they have been eliminated. Especially with the COVID-19 virus, I believe it is important that every village resident be informed of future meetings regarding the placement of the new firehouse.
Ruth Robin

Too many protests makes things worse

The legitimate protesters of the inhumane murdering of George Floyd by ex-officer Derek Chauvin have provided, although unknowingly, cover for the arsonists, looters and criminal activities of those hell-bent on destroying our cities and government, to the detriment of those who are the most needy of society.
How many peaceful protests does it take to make your point? I sincerely believe that two or three nights/days of such actions are enough. Maybe if the protesters backed off and left the criminal element exposed, the police could then more easily round them up and arrest them, without having federal assistance and with fewer injuries to all involved.
Our local, city and state officials have been too late in taking even basic actions such as curfews. They bear the consequences that have ensued, of shootings, loss of necessary businesses in cities and towns, and loss of their constituents’ reliance on them to lead.
November can’t come too soon when we have the opportunity to vote them out.
My heartfelt sympathy to George Floyd’s family. I’m sure he would not have wanted his death to be remembered by violence. Let’s have swift justice so that our communities can come together.
Continued protesting only begins to cause more friction.
Margaret Gibbons

Get knowledgeable on racial issues

What happened to George Floyd was criminal. We all saw it. It wasn’t “fake” news. There is no place in our society to have people supposedly protecting us who are bad actors. They have to be weeded out. Fellow workers know who they are. They have to step up and do what is right and just.
The majority of police officers, men and women, are performing the job that they were hired to do, “Protect and Serve” everyone. With that said, peaceful protesting is the right of all Americans. Don’t think for a second that the peaceful protesters are only protesting the death of George Floyd.
Mr. Floyd’s death was a catalyst for all the injustices that have taken place over the past many years. He is a martyr. Martin Luther King Jr. was quoted, “Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will.” The ill will people needs to be weeded out also. Ignorance is bliss is a cop-out. An ignorant person can be dangerous. We all can take the time to become knowledgeable.
Richard Moran

Trump’s abandoned Republican values

I have been a Republican for more than 50 years. I even held elected office in Broome County as one for 16. I have always taken my identity as a Republican seriously, and this is why I am compelled to vote for Joe Biden in November.
Simply put, Donald Trump fails to represent the values that reflect the history of the Republican Party and its leaders. For example, President Grant spent years fighting the KKK, but today they cheer Trump as he sows racial division. There is something very wrong with that picture.
President Trump preaches “America First,” and I agree. I am an American first and foremost. I am a Christian, a grandfather, and a member of my community. I am a Republican after all those.
As an American first, I will vote for Joe Biden. And I will hope that my party may someday again support the core American values that it once did.
Carl Young

GOP leadership is an oxymoron

We all know them: jumbo shrimp, military music. Words with opposite meanings used together, usually amusing. Here’s a new one, not so amusing: Republican leadership.
According to Entrepreneur magazine, leadership characteristics include: integrity, humility, empathy, accountability. Not included are bullying, cowardice, bigotry, subservience, sycophancy. How do the Republicans stack up?
There’s Trump in his bunker calling out the military to deal with protesters armed with signs and the truth. He has reason to fear the protesters because Fascist rulers always fear the truth.
McConnell pushes through Congress the largest group of bigoted, corporate-friendly judges in history. All so that any legislation favoring American citizens will be delayed or struck down in the courts.
Graham (now blond like Trump) uses the Judiciary Committee as a cudgel to investigate Trump’s critics.
Stefanik, with visions of grandeur, praises Trump religiously to inflate her importance while abandoning her constituents.
Her interest is self-interest.
I say again: Republican leadership – an oxymoron.
To save our democracy, these bullies, cowards, bigots, servile sycophants should be voted out and replaced with real leadership that represents the people. Vote Democratic top to bottom.
Bonnie DiDomizio

Impressed by BH-BL teachers’ efforts

Many thanks to the teachers and staff at Burnt Hills Ballston Lake schools. I have four grandchildren who populate Stevens, Charlton Heights, O’Rourke Middle School and the high school. I have no understanding of what may happen behind the scenes, but from my view the organization of assignments, teacher assistance and Google Meets have been well thought out and organized. I’m certain that the teachers are working twice as hard as usual, and education via computer does not compare with in-person teaching. But I am impressed with what they have been able to accomplish. Please rest and have a great summer.
Lois Mills

Don’t suppress voting of mail-ins

I am saddened that President Trump continues to state that voting by mail is a massive fraud.
I have voted by mail and have not been notified that I mishandled my ballot or that the post office tampered with my ballot.
My father voted by mail while serving in the Pacific during World War II. It is unimaginable that his vote or any other serviceman or woman’s vote was not handled properly.
To actively work against voting by mail encourages voter suppression across America and the disenfranchisement of Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines who have been sent to serve U.S. interests around the world.
Ginny LaJuene

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