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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, June 17

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Should banishing FDR be next step?

I heard on the June 11 news that Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan has decided to have the statue of Gen. Philip Schuyler located in front of Albany City Hall removed because he was not only a famous Revolutionary War general, but was also a slave owner.
If I follow the reasoning of the mayor, then I think the city and state should consider eradicating memorials, statues etc. commemorating former New York Gov. Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
At the beginning of World War II, the former governor was responsible for violating all Japanese/American citizens’ civil rights by forcing their removal and placement in camps, most located in the desert for the duration of the war.
Many of these U.S. citizens lost their businesses and homes and never recovered from their financial losses.
If this crime against these citizens doesn’t merit banishing the former governor’s memory, I’m not sure what does.
Thomas McGarry

Humans need to follow guidance

Holy God gave us the Ten Commandments to peacefully guide us.
From them we have many, many laws to cover the varied circumstances humans have created as we move away from the commandments — even having them removed from our courts, as humans don’t want them to guide us.
Our forefathers put together the Constitution and Bill of Rights, for all people are created equal, to guide us.
Sadly, as humans get “smarter(?),” we’ve strayed from both.
Without guidance, remember, there’s danger ahead. Wake up.
Les Hassan

Santabarbara’s work is appreciated

 As a Princetown resident I want to thank Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara for fighting for the needs of our community during these difficult times. I follow Angelo on Facebook, and as a Princetown resident I’m so thankful to have him representing us. He’s written letter after letter calling for the needs of kids with disabilities, fighting for local businesses during re-opening, helping families with unemployment insurance and much, much more.
During COVID-19, he partnered with our students to thank essential workers with thank-you cards and worked with local businesses to find ways to support them. He personally delivered masks and gloves to direct-care workers and was a champion for the Class of 2020 in allowing safe graduations to happen this year. Thanks to our Assemblyman, Angelo Santabarbara. We appreciate all of your work for our community.
Nikki France

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