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Gavin Bouck of Clifton Park holds up a 39.25-inch, 8.25-pound pike he recently caught in the Mohawk River.
Gavin Bouck of Clifton Park holds up a 39.25-inch, 8.25-pound pike he recently caught in the Mohawk River.

I am sure I don’t have to remind you bass anglers that two days from Thursday is the opening of the black bass season.

On Sunday, I will be on Schroon Lake fishing out of my boater’s boat (Dave Reynolds), tossing my wacky worms and chatter baits hoping to hook up with five of Schroon Lake’s big smallmouth bass. This past May, I decided to give up my guiding and sold my boat. But I will continue to ride in the back of one of the Capital District Bassmasters boat.

I want to remind you bass clubs to let me know the winners of your tournaments and any of those big one’s caught. This includes all you weekend anglers who get a big one. And especially send me photos of those kids’ catches. Be sure to add your name and the city where you live.

Email the information to [email protected].


I have been an avid turkey hunter since I shot my first turkey with a borrowed 10-gauge at an Outdoor Writer’s Spring Conference in Rochester in 1992.

Shortly thereafter, I hooked up with another outdoor writer, the late Ron Kolodziej, who also got the turkey hunting fever. For Ron and I, it was the beginning of “Turkey Fever” and it took us all over the USA trying to complete all of the National Wild Turkey Federation “Turkey Slams.” This included Texas, Florida, Wyoming and also out of the country to Canada, Mexico and even the Yucatan Jungle. Now throughout all of these hunts I used the 10-, 12-, 20- and 28-gauges, but not a 410.
So, I have decided to add a 410 shotgun. My choice is the Mossberg Cruiser that has an 18.5-inch barrel, cylinder bore and weighs just 5.75 pounds.

Having nothing to hunt with the 410, I called up Dave Vanderzee, owner of the Easton View Outfitters in Valley Falls. I have worked and hunted with Dave several times and asked how about me shooting a hog with the Cruiser. We haven’t set a date for the hunt, but when it does, I will tell you all about it.

And yes, I am quite anxious for the fall turkey and small-game season openers. Come fall, this little gun will be doing a lot of hunting.


My outdoor writer friend Ed Skorupski of Stillwater is the most active fishing individual that I ever met, especially when it comes to the Hudson River striper fishing season.

How active? He began on a cold opening day (April 4) that required long underwear, and ended on June 7 wearing shorts. Ed fished a total of 41 days and caught 45 stripers, with the biggest being 40 inches.

I spent a day with Ed, and we got bites, but no keepers. I totally enjoyed our day on the water. Next year, I might bring my bow. All day long, I saw carp rolling.

Thanks, Ed.


Last month, ECO Kevin Wamsley answered a call that a white-tailed deer had been hit and killed by a car on Route 312 in the town of South East in Putnam County.

However, there were two fawns still around the highway. When the ECO arrived and heard the fawns calling, he stopped traffic. ECO Wamsley captured the first fawn and secured it in a safe carrier. The second one was caught shortly thereafter and reunited with its sibling. The fawns were then transferred to a licensed rehabilitator for care until they were ready to be released back to the area where they were found.


For the last few weeks, I have been leaving hints to my wife, son, daughter and her husband and my grandkids Sydney and Sammy Dunston what I want for Father’s Day.

Yes, you guessed it, something for hunting — a crossbow. Having not been able to draw a crossbow for awhile now, I found the answer in a Dick’s Sporting Goods ad in the Gazette. It was a Barnett Assault Recurve Crossbow package that included just what I needed to draw and lock in waiting for that big buck to come within my range. It is the Barnett Quad Crank Cocking Device.

I am still hoping that someday soon the crossbow hunters and bow hunters will be able to share the deer woods together.

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