Letters to the Editor for Friday, June 19

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Primary ballots are not without issues

I have two concerns about mail-in ballots. For the Democratic presidential primary, voters were offered Joe Biden plus all the TV debaters who have since dropped out.
There was no space for a write-in candidate, such as the tireless defender against the covid epidemic, Andrew Cuomo
I had a letter to my congresswoman at her Sam Rayburn office in Washington returned marked, “Return to Sender.” I imagined Congress is afraid of snail mail transmitting the virus.
What about the local poll watchers who will have to open and count the paper ballots? Is it safe?
David Childs

Statues are a visual for nation’s history

What is wrong with the world today? First you tear down all the statues of Confederate generals, including Robert E. Lee, then Jefferson Davis and now Philip Schuyler. Really?
These are reminders of how things used to be. You can’t change the past, nor should you ignore it.
They serve as visuals for a history that should not be repeated. We need these reminders to be better than we used to be and progress in humanity.
These people that you are vilifying made America, whether it be good or bad (in your opinion).
They prove that we can be better and progress to become a proper society for all.
However, certain factions want to pull apart the fabric of our country and patch it back together into a nation that will look nothing like what we ought to be.
Sadly, we have people in positions of power who are attempting to appease certain interests.
Stop trying to show the public that you are attempting to be politically correct and be politically correct for all races, black, white, brown, yellow.
Linda Fuller

America shedding ignorance on race

Often, the term “law and order” is used as a cover-up for an underlying interest, maintaining the status quo.
During the 1960’s when the freedom riders sought to integrate legally segregated facilities in the South, they were perceived as threatening “law and order,” and were therefore seen in a negative light by most Americans, though it is clear today that they were on the side of justice and morality.
Though using the tactics of passive resistance, they were often arrested while angry mobs of rabid white racists assaulting them were ignored or abetted by the law enforcers.
Similarly, in today’s America, African American men are frequently expected to kowtow to a police officer, no matter how unreasonable the demands.
Watch Rayshard Brooks being questioned, I would say verbally tormented and humiliated, by a white policeman just before his arrest and death from two bullets in the back fired by the officer.
For the most part, white America has been unaware of or has not believed this kind of racism is widespread and institutional because they are not the victims of the stereotyping and prejudice behind deadly discrimination.
Today’s technology is making such ignorance an impossibility.
Keep this in mind when you hear politicians demanding “law and order.”
Anthony J. Santo

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