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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, June 21

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Stop dividing us with targeted slogans

When did the color of your skin determine if your life matters? All lives matter. I can’t understand why these mayors and other politicians think it’s OK to spend taxpayer money by painting “Black Lives Matter” on our streets.

Yes, they certainly do matter. So do white lives, gay and straight lives, Asian lives. We all matter. All they are doing is continuing the hate and dividing us as humans. Try this: Paint the streets with “My Life Matters.” Nobody can possibly be offended when they walk down a street and see this.

Jacqueline Barber


Leaders must decide their side of history

This is a critical time in history. For the first time in the 21st century, we are witnessing an uprising. The people have had enough.

We are tired of watching innocent black men, women, and children die in the streets at the hands of police officers. Those who swear to protect and serve are not doing so for the sake of the people, they are serving the racist and violent ideology and protecting themselves from any accountability.

This law is unjust. It shields those who abuse their power from real punishment.

A police system that works for the racist faction and not for all is not a system of justice. It is a system of violence, persecution, oppression, and fascism. This is a divide that will not rest until action has been taken, and the people will not stop until the law is changed in favor of those who have been out of favor for centuries. What side of history would our leaders like to be on? Do they want to be remembered as tools of fascism? The world is watching.

Katie Roche

Clifton Park

Create non-covid, covid seating areas

In regard to opening the tracks. Consider a track like Saratoga, Fonda or Albany-Saratoga, or even a large football stadium. You simply have “open” and “covid” seating.

Use the “open” entrance and you have your temperature taken. We don’t allow anyone in that might be sick. Also, sign an affidavit indicating that you are not currently sick, freeing the track of your possibility of catching the virus. It is your choice to be on the side with no masks, social distancing or sanitizing.

Enter on the “covid” side and you get the full works: temperature check, required masks, designated seating, social distancing and people running around sanitizing everything in sight. Have a 20-foot closed seating area between the two.

Before you get all in a dither, any “second wave” will arrive due to the recent social unrest. So, if there is no big spike in the next two weeks, how could a few healthy people going to Fonda be a major concern?

Herm Greulick


Dems, not Trump, were slow on covid

It seems like a coordinated response from the liberal/socialist/deep state media complex emerged again attacking President Trump for not stopping COVID-19 sooner. Let’s look at where they were and what they were doing.

On Jan. 29, eight days after the first case was discovered in the United States, Trump formed a Coronavirus Task Force with Vice President Pence as chairman.

While the liberals in Congress were promoting impeachment, the task force was gathering information and holding hearings and press conferences. Through Trump, the task force quickly declared a “public health emergency,” opening up to the states $50 billion and restricted travel to/from China.

Trump worked swiftly with public and private sectors to fast track the development of coronavirus test kits. Trump revealed they ordered 500 million respirator masks while the liberals were touting that discredited dossier and were spending millions of dollars trying to find something, anything to impeach Trump only to come up with such weak charges they “wouldn’t hold water” and were rejected.

It was a near-party line vote where “The facts had nothing to do with the case.” Who is it that wasn’t doing anything about the coronavirus?

Lawrence H. King


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