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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, June 23

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Schenectady officer, colleagues deserve thanks

I would like to thank Officer (Mark) Weeks from the Schenectady Police Department for all the help he gave me when I had my accident on June 12, and the other officer with him. Also, I’d like to thank the nice man that was from out of town who called my son and the lady who stopped her car, stayed with me and gave me a cold bottle of water. They all asked if I was alright. Sorry I didn’t ask that nice man and lady their names, but I will never forget them, thank you all again.
Carole Ryan

Change in federal leadership needed

For a very long time I have said that the gap between the rich and the poor, which is the largest in our country’s history, would cause an uprising. The recent tax cut where the very rich and corporations got more than 80% of the benefit and the rest of us got a few extra dollars made this gap wider.
In recent years we have seen a large number of unarmed black people killed by police. The recent killing of Mr. Floyd was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Blacks and other people of color have not been treated the same as white people for many years.
When I went to the Air Force tech school in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1963, we were told not to go into town with our fellow black airmen because we could be attacked.
In order to get the country to make changes, several things need to happen.
1. Protests have to continue across the country.
2. The protests have to be peaceful.
3. We have to elect a new president.
4. Democrats have to take over the U.S. Senate.
Only then will we have a chance for equality and economic change and justice.
John H. Quinn

Re: Sebesta case

After reading John Della Ratta’s comments in the June 20 Gazette article (“Councilman knocks town’s handling of Sebesta case”), I decided to respond to the issue. I agree with Councilman Della Ratta. Supervisor Syed handled the situation in a rush to judgment reaction.
The matter of the blackface Halloween costume was discussed in executive session. The incident occurred six years ago and was removed from Facebook two years ago. Syed wanted the matter investigated no less by an outside attorney. She then before any investigation gives a press release and basically brands the comptroller a racist. What was she going to investigate? The facts are not complicated. Others also chimed in reiterating the issue of racism before any investigation or explanation from the Comptroller. The Comptroller made a mistake years ago. He was going to retire after working for 30 years in the town and was a town resident. Would not an apology suffice?
The governor of Virginia did the same thing and did not resign. The Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau did the same thing and was re-elected. Both issued a simple apology.
Before individuals put on their politically correct face mask, they should remember that everyone makes mistakes and should show restraint in casting the first stone. Has politics stooped to such a low level? Can we go any lower? The incident was handled in an inept manner and John Della Ratta’s response was “spot on.”
Linda Rizzo

Yay Tiz the Law, but wear masks

It’s wonderful that a New York bred horse won the Belmont Stakes race. What’s not wonderful is the fact that Jack Knowlton and his crew did not wear masks or practice social distancing. Respect one another and do what is right, wear a mask.
Mary W. Dickson

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