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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, June 25

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Shame on Rep. Stefanik for face-mask lapse

On June 20 I watched the Trump re-election campaign kick-off rally in Oklahoma, in a 19,000 indoor seat stadium in a state with a record number of COVID-19 cases, without mandatory social distancing and protection.
During the rally, President Trump acknowledged/thanked politicians in the crowd. I was stunned when he said “…thank you, Rep. Elise Stefanik [R-Schuylerville] …” as the camera focused on a mask-less, smiling, hand-waving Elise, in a densely packed crowd of mask-less people. This is in stark contrast to the political propaganda mailed to my home recently from the Harvard- educated Ms. Stefanik with a picture of her masked and gloved.
Ms. Stefanik, I sincerely hope you do not catch “the virus” after attending an indoor rally in a U.S. virus hot spot with no mask or social distancing in a packed crowd of screaming Trumpers. I hope people watching do not mimic your extremely risky behavior.
I also hope you did not decide to sip disinfectant or pop some hydroxychloroquine pills on your trip home. Will you quarantine for 14 days at home to protect your constituents?
Ms. Stefanik, please show us science-based “leadership by good example.”
James Powell

Cuomo exemplifies how a leader should act

Gov. Cuomo`s leadership through this pandemic has opened a lot of eyes as to how to lead. He has used facts and science in his ability to keep us informed. He has taken New York from highest to lowest infection rate. He leads by example and has stressed the use of masks. Have we ever once seen the president wear or even hold a mask? But yes, a Bible. Cuomo has looked out for the people of New York. Trump has only looked out for himself and his quest to get reelected. “Ingest disinfectant” and “slow testing” are his ideas but wait only kidding. He uses his gut or ego to make decisions, not based on facts or science.
If a staff member doesn`t conform to his master plan, he’s fired.
I can only say, November can’t come quick enough.
Bob Newport

Let’s elect candidates who fight for justice

America is at a crossroads as we face racial injustice, a presidential election, and reimagining our work during this pandemic. We could harken back to the 1960s when the wisdom in music was used to guide us through a challenging time. One of the songs that resonates with me even today begins with “If I had a hammer.” The song was written by Pete Seeger and Lee Hays. It tells us to hammer out justice, celebrate the bell of freedom, and work toward love between my brothers and my sisters, all over this land. Let us support candidates who fight for the principles in that song — of justice, freedom and love between our brothers and sisters all over this land. He or she who embraces what is in the “hammer” song, will represent the best of what this country has to offer.
Bill Shapiro

Kudos to Gazette for vibrant letters forum

Congratulations to The Daily Gazette and the Opinion page editor for including 27 letters to the editor in the Saturday, June 20, edition of the paper.
I don’t know if this is a record, but it is a testament to one of the Gazette’s major strengths. The writer of each letter is authenticated before the letter is published. The letters are published as written with, at most, grammatical corrections. The Gazette provides a forum for many readers to present their own individual points of view.
Imagine how refreshing it would be if the national and local television and radio stations authenticated the sources of the many gossipy stories they broadcast daily as “news.” Imagine if the interviews they broadcast were presented live, without leading questions and heavy editing.
Like the old village green, where soapbox orators could entertain a crowd, the Gazette makes a strong effort to be a local paper. Thank you.
Forman Phillips
Ballston Spa

Time to dismantle law-enforcement system

Dismantle the law enforcement industrial complex. Stop the school-to-prison pipeline. Fund education and fully fund court-ordered Foundation Aid. End the illegal War on Drugs.
In 1920, with the 18th Amendment, the United States embarked on the great progressive noble experiment to eliminate alcohol. The noble experiment did not fail because people really wanted to drink but because of unimaginable violence. The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre finally was a turning point and the experiment ended in 1933 but the damage was done.
We had bloated police departments with nothing to do. The Harrison Tax Act made an end run around the Constitution, culminating in the war on drugs and created militarized police, unchecked prosecutorial power and an explosion in expensive, often for profit, prisons. Gov. Cuomo asked us to imagine what kind of police we want. We also need to decide what kind of education system we want. Do not blame police officers; they are only doing what we have asked of them to do and we have asked too much from them. It is time to imagine a police department focused on serving and protecting, universal access to justice and prison for only the most terrible criminals. Gov. Cuomo, imagine an education system fairly funded and providing a free and appropriate education for all.
Enact the 13 demands to improve law enforcement proposed by All of Us. If not now, when?
Vincent Pelliccia
Saratoga Springs

How soon we’ve forgotten the Me Too movement

I’m happy to see the support by the cities of Albany and Schenectady for the Black Lives Matter initiative, but I am also disappointed to see they don’t show the same concern or interest in the Me Too! movement.
It appears they do care about the interaction between police and Black men but don’t care about women being raped, sold into prostitution or have to prostitute themselves in the workplace to advance by men wielding power.
Why is it there is no Me Too! ‘artwork’ on city streets, nor had there been any? Do the cities think it’s okay for men of power, political or business, to take advantage of women?
I’m all for the Black Lives Matter initiative but how soon we forget the women of the Me Too! Initiative. Shame on the mayors and council members of those and other cities.
G. V. Marmuscak

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