In Schenectady’s Goose Hill, free masks and hand sanitizer

Neighborhood association hands out safety items

SCHENECTADY  – The Goose Hill Neighborhood Association took steps to protect residents on the northside of Schenectady Saturday morning at Steinmetz Park with a free mask and hand sanitizer giveaway.

Packages of five cloth masks were donated from Schenectady County and District 1 representative Rich Ruzzo with hand sanitizer donated from the state  Assemblyman Phil Steck, D-Schenectady.

“Margaret Novak got a mailing from the county and it just took off from there,” Camille Sasinowski, president of the Goose Hill Neighborhood Association, said. “We had a meeting here two weeks ago and it was let’s see if we can do it before the Fourth of July with mass gathering, etc. etc.”


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Each person was given a package of five cloth masks and a bottle of hand sanitizer along with an information packet from the organization.

With 100 packages available, Sasinowski had already made the rounds to members who could not make it out Saturday.

“We have a lot of shut-ins in the neighborhood, so I’ve been delivering masks and hand sanitizer to them,” Sasinowski said. “Trying to keep them part of the association.”

People walked, biked and drove up to the park to pick up some of the safety items.

“It’s crucial because the masks are going quickly and we’re going to need them from a while,” Rosie Reynolds, 67, of Schenectady said. “I want to protect myself as well as everybody else.”

It was a five-minute drive for Loyal Dodson, 47, of Schenectady to pick up his set of masks. He said he is seeing a lack of mask compliance in public.

“In the beginning I would say it looked pretty good,” Dodson said. “At this point I’m not very impressed with what I’m seeing.

“I think it’s very important to wear the mask and people seem to be letting up on that and we need to get back to it.”

Onika Thomas, 38, who resides in the Goose Hill neighborhood, was adding to her current supply of protective masks.

“I have quite a few, I’m buying all the time,” Thomas said. “I just come to pick up some masks for myself and my son.


“This is going to be for a long time, we just have to get used to it.”

Steck was one of several elected officials on hand for the event. Ruzzo also attended.

“This is going on throughout my district at different places,” Steck said. “Everything that we can do in the community is helpful.”

“The sanitizer, I went to the grocery store the other day, you can’t get any Lysol wipes or any of that stuff,” Steck said. “I’m still amazed.”

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