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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, June 28

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Tired of Trump and his backers; restore America

I am tired of the self-adulation, lies, hatred and racism that spews from the White House almost daily. I am tired of Trump’s lack of empathy for suffering Americans. I am tired of his single-issue approach to his presidency — I must be reelected.
I am tired of Republican politicians’ acceptance of all the damage that Trump has done to this country. Mitch McConnell has ignored hundreds of bi-partisan bills sent to the Senate. Mr. McConnell’s single issue is to flood the courts with qualified, or not, conservative federal judges.
I am tired of the Trump supporters who think that the COVID-19 is a hoax. Despite 120,000 COVID-19 related fatalities in the United States, Trump Republicans will tell you “the numbers just don’t add up.” I’m tired of seeing hateful confederate banners flying in Elise Stefanik’s North Country district. Their single voter issue seems to be “Stick it to the Man.”
For those of us who really understand and love America, all we can do is keep each other safe by following CDC guidelines and help our less fortunate fellow citizens. Our single issue is to restore America to the country we love by voting in November.
Robert Karandy
Burnt Hills

Vote by mail didn’t work out for me

I was unable to vote in the Ballston Spa School District election as I never got a mail-in ballot. I have lived in the district for over 40 years and have always voted, so I am very disappointed at losing this opportunity to express my opinion. I tried calling and was unable to reach anyone by phone, both in the week leading up to the vote and afterwards.
I am concerned that if we are forced to vote by mail in the general election, I may not receive the means to do so.
Frieda Tanski
Ballston Spa

In Schenectady, paint ‘All Lives Matter’

I was going to write an editorial but a letter in the June 21 paper by Jacqueline Barber (“Stop dividing us with targeted slogans”) expressed exactly what I wanted to say about slogans painted on our streets.
Mayor McCarthy, don’t paint “Black Lives Matter” on a Schenectady street. Paint “All Lives Matter” using our taxpayer money.
Janet Neary

Too few protesting nation’s shootings

Where are the protests? When all these people are getting shot and some fatally. Numbers do not lie. Chicago had 119 shot and 17 fatalities in three days, June 20, 21 and 22. Albany had 15 shot and two fatalities in a week, and there were no protests. Where are the mayors and the media of these cities now?
I thought lives matter. They only matter when it matters to them. With all these shootings there should have been protests about them. Also, Chicago has one of the toughest gun laws around. I see it is working so great. Bad people find ways to get guns illegally. “Shocking.” All people get your heads out of the sand.
Domenico DiCaprio

Re: Rabbi unfairly lumps white people

In response to Sandra Harrity’s June 24 letter (“Rabbi unfairly lumps all white people together”) white privilege is when you can go jogging in any neighborhood and not fear getting killed because of the color of your skin.
White privilege is when you can sleep in your own bed in your own house and not fear a no-knock police warrant and not fear getting killed because of the color of your skin.
While privilege is when you can storm the state capitol with assault weapons because you don’t want to wear a mask and not be subject to arrest, and most importantly, not fear getting killed because of the color of your skin.
White privilege does not mean that you won’t experience challenges and difficulties throughout your life. White privilege means that those challenges and difficulties will not be made more challenging and more difficult because of the color of your skin.
Cathy Bern-Smith

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