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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, July 1

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Show proof before declaring man guilty

The front page article about Bumpy’s on June 29 (“Bumpy’s workers quit amid protest”) was a great description of “vigilante mob justice.” The article states that the person “allegedly” made racial slurs. There has not been any proof that he made them. I am not defending the person, but he has the right to a fair hearing of proof.
The organization and its leader jumped to a conclusion and attacked without any proof. In my opinion, people and groups that act like this belong in the same low-life class as the Ku Klux Klan.
According to the law, a person is innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent. 
Keene Hallenbeck
Clifton Park

Address fireworks in Rotterdam

Fireworks are out of control in Rotterdam. I live in the Helderberg Avenue area of the town.
Since Memorial Day, people have been lighting off fireworks with large aerial bombs going off from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. on a nightly basis. It’s not only illegal, but disrespectful to people trying to sleep and very bad for dogs, cats and also veterans who suffer from PTSD.
Enough is enough. The town of Rotterdam doesn’t even address the problem or call people back after several calls. As usual, they do nothing about quality of life issues.
At least Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy has put his foot down to address this serious problem. If the town doesn’t want to address this problem, maybe it should change its slogan from the Nice Place to Live to the Town with Low Standards.
Cory Miller

Need responsible growth in Stockade

I’m in agreement with David Giacalone’s June 29 letter (“No to apartments in Stockade Inn”) in opposition to the development of apartments in the Stockade Inn.
There are so many things wrong with the development of more apartments in the Stockade, especially from Redburn Development Partners.
Let me start by saying the Stockade residents aren’t against renters; we’re against the imbalance it causes within the community. Viable communities have a mix of renters, homeowners, one families and multiple units.
If the Schenectady’s Board of Zoning rushes to grant a use variance, it will cause a total of 100 apartments in a one-block radius. Small studio apartments, the size of a small boutique hotel room, isn’t something the residents see viable.
Rather, we support a lounge, restaurant, hotel and banquet space, unique to this area and its residents.
By the way Redburn has invested in a boutique hotel/restaurant in Hudson, why not try it in the Stockade, walkable to the developing downtown theater and restaurant destination?
We take pride in our neighborhood and would like investors to pride in it, too.
This also goes against the city’s Comprehensive Plan for the Stockade.
Please raise your voice against more apartment development in the Stockade area and convince the board to deny this use for variance application.
Follow the law, BZA. Say NO. #SaveTheStockade  
Jasmine Roberts

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