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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, July 2

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Put greater focus on important news

Page A3 of the June 22 Gazette has an article (“Experts warn of virus surge in South, Southwest”) about the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
The photo, however, shows protesters at the political rally in Tulsa on Saturday.
This picture shows National Guard troops armed with automatic weapons facing off against American citizens who are peacefully protesting.
There is a protester visible who is helping to direct and manage the crowd, obviously another example of peaceful Americans exercising their rights.
As someone who was part of the Vietnam War protests and clearly remembers the horror of the Kent State massacre, this photo is chilling to say the least.
Why has the Daily Gazette not offered a suitable story about these protests in Tulsa?
The coverage of the political rally was detailed and extensive.
These protests, at a time when our country seems to be finally capable of waking up to the systemic racism and bigotry that persists in our “land of the free” need to be given the coverage they merit.
We could be on the threshold of a new age in America and The Daily Gazette, as one of the last independent newspapers in the country, should be aggressively reporting on these events.
The cover photo and story of the young men who set a new High Peaks record belongs in the local section, not on the front page when the country is in turmoil.
Happy stories have their place, but not to the detriment of important news.
Jean Taylor

Town should restore old water restrictions

The June 21 Gazette story (“Town sets water conservation measures”) explained why Rotterdam now has water restrictions until July 31.
To keep the record straight, the town always had water restrictions until several years ago.
These restrictions in the past allowed us to water between the hours of 7 and 9 a.m. or p.m. on odd /even days.
To compound the water problem, the town has taken a water tank out of service for maintenance.
Maybe we should have taken the storage tank out of service in September.
The town board has spent millions of dollars upgrading the pumping facilities and putting in an additional well.
This new well was supposed to be used as a backup, not to pump water to Guilderland.
Last year I, along with Jack Dodson, a water engineer, and Clark Collins, water plant supervisor for 20 years, asked the town not to sell water to the town of Guilderland.
The town can barely meet the demands for water by residents.
Data over 20 year supports this.
How about reinstating the old water restrictions, odd/even days, instead of “banning” all outdoor watering.
Robert Godlewski

Cover nose, mouth to reduce spread

Kudos to Ann Parillo for her June 18 letter (“Show the proper way to wear a mask”) concerning the proper way to wear masks.
In order to protect yourself and everyone else, cover your nose as well as your mouth. You breathe in and out through both of these sites. Having worked as a microbiologist for more than 30 years, it is very distressing to see individuals only half covered when in contact with others. Please think about it.
Keep everyone safe.
Norrine Thompson

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