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Letters to the Editor for Friday, July 3

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Let horse owners watch horses race

Standardbred racing is a multi-million-dollar and probably multi-billion-dollar industry.
Horse owners are the lifeblood of harness racing. There would be no horse racing if it were not for owners. Why are owners having to fight for the right to watch their horse train and race?
Why is the state telling the tracks not to allow owners in?
Is the state going to pay training or vet bills? Why does the state have that right? Restaurants are open at half capacity. What is the difference if harness tracks open at half capacity? In the last 20 years of going to Saratoga harness, almost never has it even been at half capacity. With the COVID-19 virus going into Phase 4, please open up your heart Gov. Cuomo, and let us in.
Pam Pinney
Dave Coon

The antidote for quarantine fatigue

Regarding Mr. Remaley’s June 27 letter (“Time to reopen the restaurants, libraries, gyms”) I have an offer beneficial to both of us regarding your need for exercise, to eat out and a night out, and my need to clear land on a large tract.
Exercise: I will provide crosscut saws and axes (no chainsaws allowed). Once you cut the trees, I will provide shovels for stump removal.
Eating out: I can provide a better choice than any restaurant. Chipmunk, squirrel, rabbit, skunk, deer, bear, moose, turkey, porcupine and all types of fowl.
Night out: After exercising all day you can sleep out under the stars with a guarantee of no broken glass.
Benefits: (You) You find out who your true friends are. Those that help you. No worry about toilet paper shortage; use leaves. (Me) Cleared land for a house.
Folks, you must take this virus seriously.
Joseph Gibson
Ballston Lake

Keep men, women’s facilities separate

It appears that Mr. Minnick in his June 29 letter (“Why I oppose the Equality Act”) is right. HR 5, the Equality Act ( would amend 42 USC 2000a (  so that restrooms, locker rooms, showers and sleeping facilities designated for men or women, such as men’s rooms and ladies rooms, would technically no longer be legal. I sense that the American people are not yet quite ready for that.  It would be in our nation’s best interest to amend the Equality Act (HR 5) to exempt restrooms, locker rooms, showers and sleeping facilities.
Joel Nelson

Keep up with covid safety practices

As we all know, New York state has been tragically affected by the coronavirus. Thanks to the leadership of Gov. Cuomo and his executive orders, along with the response of Capital Region residents, the spread of the virus has largely been contained.
This would not have been possible without the outstanding compliance of New York residents. I have been so proud of the response by Capital Region residents, who I routinely see wearing masks, social distancing and using hand sanitizer in stores, restaurants and shops in our area.
I know vigilance is difficult to maintain long-term, especially with the restarting of social gatherings and events. Look no further than the Mohawk Valley region, with increasing activity, tourist travel and noncompliance of wearing masks and social distancing, the rate of virus spread has increased.
Please, please fellow Capital Region residents, be vigilant and follow safe practices, so we can all safely continue to be together and support our local economy.
Maureen Utz-Meagher

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