COVID precautions urged as holiday weekend begins

Cuomo urges diligence as pandemic worsens in many other states
A COVID-19 diagnostic test is administered in Schenectady in May.
A COVID-19 diagnostic test is administered in Schenectady in May.

ALBANY — COVID-19 tracking metrics remained low and mostly steady in New York heading into the holiday weekend as indicators for many other states continued to worsen.

As of Friday morning, the seven-day total of positive tests was 5,089 in New York state and a combined 352,816 in the other 49 states and District of Columbia. So New York, with 6 percent of the nation’s population, accounted for 1.4 percent of the nation’s new confirmed cases of the virus.

In a statement Friday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo noted the progress the state has made and the risk it faces.


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“The more than 900 new cases in New York yesterday, while representing just 1.38 percent of tests, is a reminder that the virus is still here and I cannot repeat enough that our actions today — those of individuals being smart and following all precautions, and local governments enforcing the state’s guidelines — will determine which direction these numbers go.

“This holiday weekend please wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands, and stay New York smart.”


The following data are compiled from state and federal reporting:

  • As of midnight Thursday, 4,107,985 people had been tested for COVID-19 since March 1 in New York, 395,872 confirmed positive and 24,885 dead due to the virus. The actual death toll is believed to be higher, due to incomplete and inaccurate data provided to the state.
  • Nine New Yorkers died of COVID on Thursday and 857 were hospitalized because of it, 188 of them in intensive care.
  • When New York state was at the epicenter of the pandemic in April, as many as 799 New Yorkers died in a single day and 18,825 were hospitalized, 5,145 of those in intensive care.
  • The top five states for positive tests over the most recent seven days were Florida (59,560), Texas (50,056), California (49,973), Arizona (27,451) and Georgia (18,328).
  • The bottom five states for positive tests were Vermont (43), Hawaii (104), New Hampshire (224), Alaska (225) and Maine (257).
  • New York state had 5,089 positives during that seven-day period.
  • In the most recent reports, 7,652 people were hospitalized with confirmed or suspected COVID cases in Texas, 6,812 in California, 5,018 in Arizona and 857 in New York.
  • New York’s positive test percentage increased every day through the first four days of the week as nearly 260,000 New Yorkers were tested — from 0.84 percent Sunday to 1.0 percent Monday, 1.1 percent Tuesday, 1.25 percent Wednesday and 1.38 percent Thursday.


New York’s counties tally their data differently from each other in some cases and differently from the state in some cases, particularly the death toll. The federal government meanwhile has another set of numbers. 

The following data show the cumulative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Capital Region counties; for sake of consistency, the numbers are drawn from the state database:

Albany County: 50,822 tested, 2,130 positive, 109 dead;

Fulton County: 9,146 tested, 261 positive, 26 dead;

Montgomery County: 9,689 tested, 119 positive, 4 dead;

Rensselaer County: 21,536 tested, 559 positive, 32 dead;

Saratoga County: 29,526 tested 561 positive, 15 dead;

Schenectady County: 28,771 tested, 824 positive, 35 dead;

Schoharie County: 3,202 tested, 58 positive, 2 dead.

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