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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, July 5

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I’m just standing up for my basic rights

I am mad as hell and not going to take this anymore. Of course, I refer to the “No shirt, no shoes, no service” that businesses shove down our throats. They are trampling on my constitutional rights to expose my hairy back and stomach for all the world to see.

Also, why can’t I chew gum in a casino? I believe this is a direct violation of the U.S. Constitution Article IV “Privileged Immunities” clause, the First Amendment, Fourth Amendment; not to mention my protections under the New York state constitution.

And I don’t want to wear a mask because it will smear my orange skin-cover makeup. I don’t care if it may save lives.

So, look for me when the casinos open back up. I’ll be the gum-chewing idiot, with no shirt, no shoes, and no mask. Oh, and wearing the MAGA hat.

Michael Winn

Saratoga Springs

City should go after absentee landlords

What our Stockade district needs is less apartments and more homeowners. I’ve lived down here for over 30 years, and each year I see once nice well-maintained properties become derelict, some vacant, trashed, unkempt and unsafe housing. Absentee landlords have helped to ruin a once proud neighborhood.

Many of the old folk I remember are all gone, and very few, if any, young people buy places that need tons of work to complete. There are those who rehab. But for the majority of the housing/rental stock down here and, perhaps throughout the city, substandard housing is the norm. It’s sad, but true.

And, the city’s BZA blindly allows business to set up, and they don’t go check on how they’re doing, many do not maintain their properties. The BZA is a political fiefdom and has been for years, and is the number one problem when it comes to furthering blight. We don’t need the BZA. It needs to be folded into the city Codes or Planning Department. Save dollars within City Hall. City Hall isn’t listening to common sense approaches to stave off derelict property owners that further blight and worsen our neighborhoods. Go after absentee landlords on a daily basis.

Gerald Plante


Statues show history, the good and the bad

I would like to commend and support Mary Lou Moskov’s June 30 letter (“Where does statue removal ever end?”) with regard to the removal of statues. In my opinion, these statues are history, not racist.

Our culture correctly considers slavery an evil, but it existed for thousands of years before today’s culture. The original slaves were the slaves of Eastern Europe, from which the name derives. I was advanced in my beliefs when I attended the Howard University College of Medicine from 1954-58. However, I cannot say what my beliefs would have been had I lived at the time of Philip Schuyler, Washington or Jefferson and been raised in that culture. The original U.S. Constitution accepted slavery and only outlawed importation in 1808. Do some people want to go to the museum in D.C. and tear up the historical document?

Jack L. Underwood, M.D.


America needs its Republican leaders

This is in response to Bonnie DiDomizio’s June 15 letter (“GOP leadership is an oxymoron.”) She gave examples of leadership according to Entrepreneur Magazine as bullying, cowardice and bigotry. Webster’s Dictionary describes leadership as: The position, function or guidance of a leader.

It’s discouraging to read letter from writers like Ms. DiDomizio who implied that Trump called out the military to deal with protesters armed with only signs and truth. Apparently, she overlooked vandalism, looting, arson, assault, shootings and murder. In my opinion, hatred of the GOP and Trump was her entire message.

She criticized Sen. Graham for using the Judiciary Committee as a cudgel to investigate Trump’s critics. Does she think the law only protects Democrats and their Russian hoax, which cost taxpayers millions and turned out to be a total travesty was OK? God help this country if she is correct and people vote Democratic top to bottom.

I witnessed first-hand real Socialism while doing missions for our government in the former Soviet Union and it is not pretty.

We need GOP leaders like Donald Trump, Elise Stefanik and Liz Joy to keep America great and free to all, including Ms. DiDomizio.

Norm Miller


Grateful for care at Ellis Hospital ER

With great apprehension and discomfort, I was taken to Ellis Emergency Room by ambulance due to a fall in May. I was X-rayed and evaluated by the ER staff doctors. They admitted me as a patient, and I was scheduled for surgery the next day by Dr. Polishchuk of OrthoNY.

I want to commend the staff at Ellis for their skill, compassion, and positive outlook. I felt safe and well taken care of.

It has been mentioned before that Ellis personnel do not receive enough credit for the good service and care they provide.

I wish to thank Dr. Polishchuk also. Our community has wonderful services. The Mohawk Ambulance and the Station #2 Fire Department medical personnel are an asset to our wellbeing.

We are lucky to have all these fine people to help us. Thank you all.

Edna R. Gosier


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