Class of 2020: Emily DeVito – Salutatorian, Mechanicville High School

Emily DeVito
Emily DeVito

Mechanicville High School

Emily DeVito


PARENTS: James and Sherry DeVito

COLLEGE OR OTHER PLANS: Syracuse University

AFTER COLLEGE: Unsure as of right now, but probably a job in the business field!

WHAT IS IT LIKE GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL IN THE MIDDLE OF A GLOBAL PANDEMIC: After looking for so many words to describe it, the only way I can is by saying it’s disappointing. I was really looking forward to spending these final few months with everyone, but I’m very grateful for our administration and staff and how much hard work they have put in to make sure we have a special send off!

WHAT DID YOU LEARN ABOUT YOURSELF AND YOUR CLASSMATES THIS SEMESTER: We are all so extremely hard-working and we always try to make a light out of a positive situation! I’ve seen people bond together in ways they haven’t before, and I want to applaud my grade with how amazing they have been through it all! Sure, it’s disappointing and extremely unbelievable that our time ends like this, but I think it made us more grateful for our time at the school overall!

WHAT IS A MEMORY OF YOUR SENIOR YEAR YOU’LL NEVER FORGET: There are SO many memories that I have made this past year… From being part of a dance (one of my favorite things to do) at the pep rally, to goofing around with the “Deep South” in the back of our physics class, and waving at one of my friends who sits across the room from me in band class every single day, I think that I can say that I’ll cherish EVERYTHING that this year gave to me.

WHAT WILL YOU MISS MOST ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL: The people! The staff, teachers, the Class of 2020…and even some of the kids in the grades below me.

WHAT’S IN YOUR MUSIC PLAYER: I have a wide variety, but right now it’s the new Harry Styles album and a song by the band he was in called “Fool’s Gold”.

BEST PART ABOUT GRADUATING: The graduation parties

WHO OR WHAT INSPIRES YOU: I don’t really have one singular thing that inspires me… Honestly, it’s probably everyone who has worked through a tough time in their life and came out stronger on the other side!


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