Class of 2020: Kaylee Bagdan – Salutatorian, Galway High School

Kaylee Bagdan
Kaylee Bagdan

Galway High School

Kaylee Bagdan


PARENTS: Lisa and Kevin Bagdan

COLLEGE OR OTHER PLANS: I will be attending Skid-more College in the fall and majoring in Biology and Environmental Science.

AFTER COLLEGE: I intend to go on to get by Ph.D and eventually become a professor in Bontanical Genetics.

WHAT IS IT LIKE GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL IN THE MIDDLE OF A GLOBAL PANDEMIC: Graduating in the midst of Covid-19 is surely unforgettable and life changing. The administration and teaching staff have given their whole hearts to making this social distancing protocol memorable. I will miss my teachers, my favorite custodians, and the lunch ladies who know I hate boiled green beans. Although it, at times, is sad considering what we have lost as a graduating class, I am extremely grateful for what has been given to us. Being able to have class with my peers online and talk with my teachers is a blessing and I will continue to be thankful for that. Long live the class of 2020.


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