Class of 2020: Morgan Hack – Salutatorian, Duanesburg High School

Morgan Hack
Morgan Hack

Duanesburg High School

Morgan Hack


PARENTS: Tanya Hack and Brian Hack

COLLEGE OR OTHER PLANS: I will be attending Elmira College to study physical therapy

AFTER COLLEGE: Hopefully, I’ll be able to find a good physical therapy job and be able to buy my own house.

WHAT IS IT LIKE GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL IN THE MIDDLE OF A GLOBAL PANDEMIC: Graduating during a global pandemic definitely is not the typical senior year experience. We’ve missed out on a ton of events we’ve looked forward to our whole lives, such as prom and graduation. Even though I didn’t have the ability to experience these moments, I’m grateful for everything the school district and Duanesburg community has done for the Class of 2020.

WHAT DID YOU LEARN ABOUT YOURSELF AND YOUR CLASSMATES THIS SEMESTER: This semester, I learned that my classmates and I are mentally strong. There were so many times when we wanted to give up on trying to make the best of our senior year, but instead, we kept pushing for what we wanted. We worked together and never gave up, and in the end, our senior year turned out to be the best that it could be.

WHAT IS A MEMORY OF YOUR SENIOR YEAR YOU’LL NEVER FORGET: I’ll never forget when Rick Yarosh and Tom Murphy made an appearance at Duanesburg and taught everybody about the importance of staying hopeful. This presentation made an impact on me that will last a lifetime.

WHAT WILL YOU MISS MOST ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL: I’m really going to miss all of my friends, my favorite teachers, and all of the memories we’ve made together. I can’t imagine what my life is going to be like without everybody I’ve become close to over the past few years.

WHAT’S IN YOUR MUSIC PLAYER: A mixture of different types of music, what I listen to depends on my mood.

BEST PART ABOUT GRADUATING: I can officially start studying to become a physical therapist and keep moving forward in life.

WHO OR WHAT INSPIRES YOU?: Derek Jeter has been my inspiration since I was a little kid. This is because no matter what happens, he always keeps a positive outlook and works hard to achieve his goals. Whether it is rainy or sunny, or whether the Yankees were winning or losing, Derek Jeter never gives up and encourages his teammates to do the same. I will always try to be the same type of person as Derek Jeter.


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