Class of 2020: Colin Brown – Salutatorian, Sharon Springs High School

Colin Brown
Colin Brown

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Sharon Springs High School

Colin Brown


PARENTS: Sherri Brown and Carter Brown

COLLEGE OR OTHER PLANS: United States Air Force

AFTER COLLEGE: My plan is to make a career out of the Air Force or to join the NSA.

WHAT IS IT LIKE GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL IN THE MIDDLE OF A GLOBAL PANDEMIC: It is crazy to graduate high school in the midst of a pandemic, it almost feels like I’m in a movie. Graduating during a pandemic has made me realize a lot earlier during my senior year that high school is just a stepping stone for the rest of my life.

WHAT DID YOU LEARN ABOUT YOURSELF AND YOUR CLASSMATES THIS SEMESTER: I learned that when the time comes for high school to be over I can confidently go into the next stage of my life, something I learned about myself and my peers is that no matter what is going on in society and around us we can always find a way to maintain a connection.

WHAT IS A MEMORY OF YOUR SENIOR YEAR YOU’LL NEVER FORGET: Always hanging out with my friends before and after school, whether this was at a practice or just going to get something to eat.

WHAT WILL YOU MISS MOST ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL: How close knit the SSCS community is and the teachers.

BEST PART ABOUT GRADUATING: Knowing that I am onto bigger and better things, and the rest of my life.

WHO OR WHAT INSPIRES YOU: My family inspires me, especially my mom.


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