Class of 2020: Emily Brazee – Top 10, Mohonasen High School

Emily Brazee
Emily Brazee

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Mohonasen High School

Emily Brazee

Top 10

PARENTS: Scott and Jennifer Brazee 

COLLEGE OR OTHER PLANS: I’m attending Binghamton University as an integrative neuroscience major.

AFTER COLLEGE: I plan to attend medical school

WHAT IS IT LIKE GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL IN THE MIDDLE OF A GLOBAL PANDEMIC: Graduating during the pandemic has been a surreal experience. When we left school on March 13, I never expected that we would not be returning, or that our graduation ceremony would be impacted. It was disappointing that the senior events I was looking forward to had to be modified and that I have less time to spend with my friends before we go to college. However, I recognize that keeping myself and others safe takes priority.

WHAT DID YOU LEARN ABOUT YOURSELF AND YOUR CLASSMATES THIS SEMESTER: I’ve realized how resourceful my classmates are. Although we might not be able to see each other in person, we’ve been able to find alternate ways to speak to each other or participate in activities together while still adhering to social distancing guidelines. Student council has been really creative about planning alternate events so we can still celebrate the end of senior year.

WHAT IS A MEMORY OF YOUR SENIOR YEAR YOU’LL NEVER FORGET: Watching a total knee replacement while participating in the New Visions Health Careers program.

WHAT YOU WILL MISS MOST ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL: Seeing my friends every day.

WHAT’S IN YOUR MUSIC PLAYER: Nirvana, Green Day, blink-182, Fall Out Boy

BEST PART ABOUT GRADUATING: Being able to continue my education and meet new people at college.

WHO OR WHAT INSPIRES YOU: Michelle and Barack Obama and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


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