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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, July 7

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Must get fireworks issue under control

Fireworks displays are great under the proper circumstances. However, I do not enjoy large and long displays for three nights leading up to July 4th.
There is the noise factor for the neighborhood. The elderly, PTSD, babies, animals — all may be adversely affected.
Then there is the fear factor. With the pyrotechnics being set off about 50 feet from my home, I really do fear that my house may catch fire. I realize the police are spread quite thin at this time. What can be done?
Mary Siegel

Trump selfishness helps spread covid

I am appalled and dumbfounded at the selfishness of President Trump. The country canceled celebrations for the Fourth of July for safety, yet he had his fireworks and 7,500 unmasked germ vectors to spread disease. There are 10,000 new cases in Florida and Mr. Trump encourages people to unmask and mingle for him. How many more must suffer or die for his ego, and why do the powers that be let him? This is not liberty; it is insanity.
Linda Peterson
Round Lake

Schenectady group doing good work

If ever there was a time to get involved in our country’s politics, I think it is now. If you’re like me, your involvement has consisted mainly of voting in local and national elections, donating to causes you support, and occasional participation in demonstrations.
In the past few years, I have felt compelled to do more. I’ve been increasingly worried about the state of our country as we face climate change, the growing division of wealth, healthcare concerns and so many other issues.
I have been very glad to have found an organization that has provided many opportunities for me to get involved.
That organization, Progressive Schenectady, has been such an inspiration to me. Three women founded the organization a few years ago, working hard to provide vehicles for citizens like me to become involved.
Since joining Progressive Schenectady, I’ve learned to phone bank and canvass. I’ve sent out postcards to encourage voters to register, attended informational meetings and marched. Whether you’re aligned with this organization’s beliefs or not, I think you would be pretty impressed with their tenacity, energy and passion. Thank you for walking the walk, Progressive Schenectady.
Marty Delmonico

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