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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, July 8

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Thoughts for nation in troubled times

At this troubled time (perilous inflection point in our history), it is time to speak of many things:
Of our imperfect Founding Fathers that had a perfect vision and articulated the American Creed, “Life, Liberty and Justice for all, a government of the people, for the people and by the people” a concept for which they risked their sacred honor and personal fortunes creating this nation.
Of treasonous individuals and states who split our nation asunder and the patriots who fought the Civil War to establish racial justice in America.
Of the French nation that fought against their monarchy for liberty and equality by emulating the American experience then giving us the Statue of Liberty that stands at the “Golden Door” in New York Harbor, the gateway welcoming immigrants to America.
Of the continuing American Experiment and struggle for the full realization of our creed.
Of cynical Schenectady politicians who removed our community’s Lady Liberty on a site renovation pretext and then replaced her in an inglorious and offensive location dishonoring the young patriotic Boy Scouts that donated her to our community, the city and country seat.
It is past time for Mayor Gary McCarthy to replace our Lady Liberty back at the “Gateway to Schenectady,” Liberty Park aka Gateway Park. You owe us this and a well-articulated public explanation. Symbols matter.
Lance R. Jackson

Urge Stefanik to lift travel restrictions

In February of this year, Chad F. Wolf, acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, under the direction of President Trump, restricted New Yorkers (and only New Yorkers) from enrolling in the Global Entry and Trusted Traveler Programs.
According to the Department of Homeland Security, 175,000 New Yorkers will be adversely affected this year.
The president made this decision to place pressure on Gov. Andrew Cuomo regarding the issuance of driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants.
As an American citizen and a registered Republican, I resent the idea of having my rights taken away by anyone. The Trusted Traveler Programs require rigorous documentation, photos, fingerprinting and face-to-face interviews with U.S. and Canadian border agents. What do these programs have to do with undocumented immigrants? The answer is nothing.
Please contact Rep. Elise Stefanik and insist, as President Trump’s honorary state campaign manager, she petition the president to rescind these unconscionable restrictions forced on her constituents.
After numerous attempts to get any satisfaction from Rep. Stefanik’s office, it saddens me to have to write this letter to remind our own Republican member of Congress to represent her district first and foremost.
James Kelly

Editorial had sound advice about covid

I for one would like to thank Mark C. Mahoney, editorial page editor, and the Gazette Editorial Board for your sound advice which was written in the July 5 editorial (“Covid will keep getting worse unless we all do our part.”)
I agree that covid will keep getting worse unless we all do our part. I feel proud to be in the state of New York that had the highest number of cases, to be in the position right now among the lowest rates of infection in the country.
This is not your first powerful and very truthful message to your readers, and it will probably not be your last, l am sure that after reading your editorial, your readers did their part to make their day safer.
Your editorial was written at the perfect time. I feel in my heart that your sincere editorial was a caring wake-up call to keep all your readers out of harm’s way.
Walter “Neal” Brazell

Media, Cuomo and the left are to blame

I write this with no great joy. It is quite apparent that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has just about made himself king of New York.
He talks about taking over all police precincts in today’s news bull session. Of course, he says “I” do not have the resources to pay for this, but I want all communities to, in so many words, change the police as we know them.
With  Mayor Bill de Blasio in New York City and the foolish City Council down there, New York is now doomed. If any logical businesses stay there, it’s beyond why. All this to cater now to Black Lives Matters, and the left, with the blessing of media, including The Daily Gazette. Nice going. As people foolishly march to the drummer of the left, who is going to protect you?
Insane logic. If you live in the past, you die in the past. Cuomo and Democrats created a monster, and many lives are going to be lost. Martial law is around the corner, and the media and Democrats are to blame. All Lives Matter. Don’t worry about COVID-19. We are killing ourselves.
Albert Marvell

Don’t glorify the Confederate flag

The photo of the Sacandaga boat parade in the July 5 Regional section of the Gazette (“Pro-Trump flotilla draws hundreds of boats”) was beyond offensive.
The photo featured a Confederate battle flag flying beside a crew of boaters, while a smaller American flag drooped at the rear of the boat.
Since when did the Confederate flag, the treason flag, the losers’ flag, take precedence over the Stars and Stripes? This isn’t what my abolitionist great-grandfather or any other honorable American veteran ever fought for.
Glorifying the Confederate flag does nothing but peel the scab off our country’s unfortunate history of disunion and add to the pain of people still trying to overcome the legacy of slavery. I would ask that The Gazette to refrain from printing images of that divisive symbol in a context of people having fun. There is no legitimate fun in treason, racism or destruction of the Union.
Kathleen Petersen

Time to reimagine education system

Well, they toppled the statue of George Washington. They burned down the police station. Now the block we grew up on is trashed and boarded up. Someone’s car lies on its roof draped with the remains of a desecrated American flag. I’m sad.
We were raised, played, worked and paid for these normal things in our lives, now they’re gone.
In a few short hours, what we valued was destroyed by an angry, radical (apparently smarter than every human that ever came before them) tantrum-possessed mob.
Watching the media-driven behavior that happens on an all-too-frequent basis is overwhelming. And I must say I am angry. But as unsettling as all this may be, the decades of taxes we must pay the government for these kids to be taught, fed and prepared for life is a massive waste of resources.
An alternative system to prepare young people for a productive life is imperative.
If the lazy parents, shallow politicians and “woke” teachers unions need to reimagine anything, the current education system must be number one on their to-do list.
I’m voting for Trump.
Jim Janetsky

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