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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, July 12

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Take advantage of coronavirus testing

On July 3, I decided to take advantage of the free testing being offered in the SUNY campus. It was easy to reach, well-marked with readable signs and expertly operated by New York National Guard personnel and civilians.
The soldiers were very efficient, respectful and considerate. Truly a well-trained cohort.
The test was mildly uncomfortable, with a very brief recovery while I wiped my eyes. The good results were received in two days.
I heartily recommend everyone to take advantage of this opportunity. I also want to thank the members of the National Guard unit for their devotion to duty in performing a truly dangerous job.
Charles Leoni

Trump won’t bother to read vital reports

President Trump might have actually told the truth when he said he didn’t know about Russia possibly backing bounties for killing U.S. soldiers until this week.
I believe him because he never reads the specially prepared President’s Daily Intelligence Briefings, and rarely attends daily security briefings where it’s discussed.
Every president since 1946 has received the PDB daily. President G.W. Bush and President Obama received the report daily, reading through the pages, then going over it with intelligence briefers. Every day. Trump can’t be bothered. He has conversations a few times a week with people he selects.
People are afraid to bring him information that will upset him. Multiple reports say little information from briefings sticks; Trump remembers what flatters him and what he thinks threatens him, little else. He probably wasn’t “personally” briefed about Russia’s program to handsomely reward our soldiers’ killers.
Why? Because no one held his hand and simplified the information in a five- minute talk. Because he doesn’t like to read. Because he’s too smart to need information from experts. Because the state of the world doesn’t particularly interest him. And because life and death issues that affect American soldiers, citizens and residents really don’t interest our president.
Cathy Winter

Think what it really means to have rights

A couple of thoughts. First, I saw the older PBS show on our Statue of Liberty by Ken Burns. It was a
It was a poignant reminder of the founding principles of our country, the promise of them, not the fulfillment of them yet. Sadly, in the show, the Black writer, James Baldwin, laments that the promise of liberty is still not granted to many of our citizens.
The protesters of today make that same comment, that the promise of equal liberty and equal opportunity are still not spread over our country with an even hand. Support them however you can.
Second, seeing the banners showcasing local people who have served our country in wars, it struck me that these people really made a sacrifice for our country in a perilous time. They thought about their buddies, their families and their nation. Today, we have been told that we are in a war against the COVID-19 virus. Unfortunately, I get the feeling that the virus will win and kill off many more of our citizens. During wars, even people at home made sacrifices for the war effort. Apparently, we cannot even wear a mask. Do people realize how silly that sounds? We have to wear shoes and shirts to go into businesses, and people cannot wear a mask? We have to wear seat belts and not drink too much and drive, and you can’t wear a mask? That is against your rights? What about the rights of others to live?
Janice Walz

Cobb understands the public good

We Americans are clearly divided today. But our Founding Fathers spoke in one voice. They referred to their compatriots as “We” and talked about equality. They talked about what is wholesome and necessary for the public good. We elect people to serve us and we are still talking about what is necessary for the public good or at least should be.
New York Congressional District 21 needs a new face that understands what is necessary for the public good.
Recently four bills specific to what is necessary for the public good came up for a vote: HR1425 Patient Protection and Affordable Care act; HR5332 Protecting your Credit Score; HR 7301 Emergency Housing Protections and Relief; and HR2 Invest in America Act. Elise Stefanik voted no on all four bills.
It is time for a new face for New York CD 21. Someone who understands the WE our Founding Fathers understood. Someone who understands what is necessary for the public good.
Support and vote for Tedra Cobb, a new face for CD 21.
Christine Cook
West Milton

Residents should appreciate Niskayuna

I’ve been amused by recent Letters to the Editor from Niskayuna residents apologizing for living in a town racked with “privilege.”
My wife and I chose to move to Niskayuna 23 years ago to raise our family. We chose the town, not because it was a “punched ticket” to success but because of the people that made up the community. We believe today as we did then, that providing a good education in a secure environment was our duty, not only to our kids but our neighbors.
To have availed yourselves of these quality of life circumstances and now cast aspersions on our town and its people would be funny if it weren’t so low. I hope you can find a remedy for this “woke” fever. Perhaps a new ZIP code?
Peter W. Struzzi


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