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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, July 14

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Rethink parking fees in front of YMCA

The YMCA in downtown Schenectady that had been converted to senior housing over two years ago now has a pay to park sign in front of the building.
I find this disturbing on so many levels. The apartment building has roughly 60 units that houses people 55 and over along with a number of veterans.
There is very little parking in the back, so the only spaces available are in front of the building. This is where people park who are visiting a family member or for those who have medical people coming to check on them or to do their weekly blood draws.
The front door is also used for people who are being dropped off with groceries and other deliveries, as well as people moving in or in the event of an emergency. If one of those seniors gets a parking ticket, does the city actually think they’ll pay the fine over food or medicine out of their mere social security benefits? I don’t think so. This is unacceptable and disrespectful to our seniors. City of Schenectady, I encourage you to rethink this.
Alison Shuler

Don’t celebrate, but don’t erase, rogues

Before the current lust to cleanse America’s entire landscape of any shameful memories completely overwhelms our ability to reason, maybe we should consider the fact that we all played a part in the rise of the current resident of the Oval Office.
From those who actually voted for him to those who didn’t bother to vote and all of us in between, we’re all responsible, like it or not.
It actually started decades ago, but we all enabled it in one way or another.
Personally, I do support the removal of likenesses of Confederate “heroes” and other historic embarrassments from public properties, but I’d never suggest their destruction. They’re repugnant to me, but I’m equally disgusted by Old Glory flapping in violent disrespect in the back of a pick-up truck, frequently accompanied by that traitorous rebel flag. I don’t even have to travel to see it. They frequently drive right past my house. Nevertheless, I do recognize that even fools have rights, and some even get elected.
I read that a statue of Frederick Douglass was ripped from its pedestal on July 5 in Rochester. It was only installed in 2018. It’ll be replaced, I’m sure, as it should be.
Dare to research anyone’s lineage and you’ll surely find a rogue here and there. You might not celebrate them too much, but would you even try to completely erase all such embarrassments from your own family’s history? I can’t imagine why you would.
Jim Whiting

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