Outdoor Journal: Day is made with taking picture of fawn

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A fawn takes a rest against a tree in the woods.
A fawn takes a rest against a tree in the woods.

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Last week, I headed to a friend’s house, where I was going to try and sight in a 410-shot gun for a friend. He has a large field and woods that had a lot of trees along a stream. He told me I could hunt wood chucks in the brush by the stream.

I saw several chucks, but they saw me first and I couldn’t get a shot. I was slowly making my way down to the lake when there, no more than 2 feet from me, was a fawn laying against a tree and not moving. I guess it was only a few days old. He never moved, and it was the first time that I ever shot a fawn — not with a gun, but with a camera. It made my day.


The DEC announced that is immediately reopening campsites and lean-tos in the Lake Colden area in the Adirondack High Peaks, Essex County. Camping in the area was temporally closed after an uptick in nuisance bear incidents.

Campers in other areas of the Eastern High Peaks are encouraged to follow DEC guidance for dealing with nuisance. While bear interaction can happen on the trails, conflicts are most often associated with backcountry camping.

In June, bear movement increases as the breeding season begins and yearling (1-year-old) bears disperse to find their own space. Inevitably, some of these bears wander through places they not normally inhabit. For more information on nuisance bears, go to https://www.dec.ny.gov/press/120797.html.


The Tuesday afternoon Saratoga Tackle Bass attracted 47 teams. Leading the way was the Burnt Hills team of Sean Connors and Jon Ruggiero with a five-bass limit of 12.57 pounds worth $995. This is almost $191 per fish.

In second was the Indian Lake team of Timothy Paraso and Matt Bellmore with 11.84 pounds receiving $630. Third place and $320 went to Art Thivierge of Argyle and Mike Jennings of Easton with 11.75 pounds, and low to cash $210 were Mike Croll of Troy and Heath Clayson of Ballston Lake with 11.04 pounds.

Big bass (lunker) honors and $470 went to the Mechanicville team of Robert Batchelder and Matt Rubino with a weight of 3.64 pounds.

The Thursday afternoon South Shore Marine attracted 12 teams, and the fishing was tough. Leading the way were Brad Ableman of Latham and Luke Moller of Knox with 10.30 pounds worth $340.

Second place and lunker was Joe and Frank Fierro of Corinth with 9.96 pounds, which included the lunker, a 3.74-pound largemouth bass. It paid $140 and lunker $200.

Low to cash was the Ballston Spa team of Jeffery Russell Jr. and Chris O’Neil with 9.51 pounds worth $120.

Last week’s South Shore Marina Saratoga team bass tournament saw some good catches. The first-place winning team was Saratoga’s Dave Munger and John Jenkins, who received $500 with a five-bass haul weighing 12.30 pounds.

Saratoga anglers Jeff Russell and Chris O’Neil placed second with 12.12 pounds worth $320. In third place was Bill Goodermote and Jim Pacucci of Scotia with 10.99 pounds worth $260 and additional $190 for the 3.86-pound lunker. Low to cash was David Paquette of Stillwater with 10.88 pounds worth $220.


Now at 76, I can no longer draw and hold a bow or lock and load a crossbow. However, I am ordering a cocking devise from Barnett Crossbow that will help me.
Right now, crossbows cannot not deer hunt with the bowhunters. They have to wait. I am not alone when I believe this is very unfair. 

What about those who can no longer draw a bow because of their bad shoulder? Why can’t they get a doctor’s written proof of the hunter’s inability to draw a bow? I want to get back in a tree stand on Oct. 1 with a crossbow.

Right now, there is a NYS Crossbow Coalition for this. If you agree, join the coalition at https://www.facebook.com/groups/nycrossbowcoalition. They are fighting for all of us.

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