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Letters to the Editor for Friday, July 17

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Trump shows why he’s a poor leader

 We are aware that Donald Trump is an incompetent narcissist racist who utters more lies than truths on a daily basis.

The GOP senators serve as his puppets, except for Mitt Romney.

One of his most recent fiascos was commuting Roger Stone’s prison sentence to ensure his silence.

Stone remains a convicted felon for life. Trump’s next dirty deed was returning Michael Cohen to prison because he would not agree to sign a document which would have prevented his writing a book.

Actually, Trump should be serving the time. He was the one guilty of the crimes. So much for being a loyal fixer.

Now Trump is going after Dr. Fauci because the doctor is so much smarter than he and Pence.

If Trump had reacted to the virus like a caring leader, we would not be in this horrible situation today. He must go back to his tower.

Jane Reisenger


Blow up Rushmore, put statues there

After reading the July 11 editorial (“Put Schuyler statue in cemetery”) about moving the Schuyler statue, I have an idea on where to place all of the offensive statues around our country.

The only way to remove Rushmore is with dynamite, so why not use that site for all the others.

One site to visit, with markers depicting who they were and why it was necessary to no longer honor these people.

A lot of history both good and bad, all in one place.

Sandra Sankowski


Trump’s immigrant policy must end

The Trump Administration is using the COVID-19 crisis to expand its campaign to block asylum seekers from entering the United States.

They continue to unlawfully separate families at the border and deport unaccompanied children without due process.

Using new CDC rules banning entry during a health crisis, more than 900 unaccompanied minors have been deported soon after reaching the United States, often without speaking to a social worker or enter an asylum plea.

This reverses established practice for dealing with young foreigners arriving in the United States.

At least 60 other migrant children in custody in the United States were sent home without their lawyers being notified.

Formerly, young migrants arriving without adult guardians were provided with shelter, education, medical care, and an administrative process to make a case for staying in the United States.

Those who were not given asylum were sent home only with arrangements to ensure they could return safely.

Using the COVID-19 crisis to cynically promote Trump’s racist immigration policy hurts those seeking asylum from violence in their home countries.

It is particularly devastating to children and families. Americans must call upon Congress to stop the implementation of the Trump Administration’s cruel immigration policy.

Darby Penney


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